THE BIG RACE | €25,000 PrizePool

  • Formula 1 Grandprix, Monaco

    Starts 1st May

  • UEFA Champions League Final

    Starts 8th May

  • WSOP Millionaire Maker

    Starts 15th May

  • Guns N’ Roses Live Tour

    Starts 22nd May

Challenge #1 Loyalty

How it Works?

Race your way to the top of the leader board by earning Loyalty Points. Rankings are based on Loyalty points earned between the 1st and 7th of May 2017

Grand Prize

x2 Gold VIP Terrace Deluxe Tickets to the FORMULA 1 GRAND PRIX DE MONACO on the 28th May 2017.


Includes: Continental breakfast, 3 course lunch, open bar service and a €1000 travel allowance.

POS Player Reward
1 Anders J. Grand Prize
2 David R. €100 Bonus
3 Amer I. €100 Bonus
4 Daniel C. €100 Bonus
5 Andreas G. €100 Bonus
6 Ahmet G. €100 Bonus
7 tobias r. €100 Bonus
8 Johannes G. €100 Bonus
9 Philipp D. €100 Bonus
10 Heiko E. €100 Bonus
11 Matthias K. €100 Bonus
12 Stjepan L. 50 Freespins
13 Kerstin H. 50 Freespins
14 Gordon F. 50 Freespins
15 Алексан… . 50 Freespins


Total Loyalty Points this week

Earn Loyalty Points

Earn Loyalty Points every day when you log in, every time you deposit and when you play a game for the first time for real money.

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Challenge #2 Referrals

How it Works?

Score a big commission this week, from our friend referral program. Rankings are based on Commissions earned this week

Grand Prize

x2 Category 1 tickets to the UEFA CHAMPIONS LEAGUE FINAL in Cardiff, Wales on 3rd June 2017.


Includes: access to Cardiff Castle, hospitality lounge, international buffet and a €500 travel allowance.

POS Player Reward
1 Ana Isa s. Grand Prize
2 elena o. €100 Bonus
3 Josef Paul P. €100 Bonus
4 Luisa M. €100 Bonus
5 Niko T. €100 Bonus
6 ronny h. €100 Bonus
7 Volker K. €100 Bonus
8 Sven H. €100 Bonus
9 Sebastian K. €100 Bonus
10 Esma S. €100 Bonus
11 svenja F. €100 Bonus
12 Vikram K. 50 Freespins
13 Daniel R. 50 Freespins
14 David O. 50 Freespins
15 guido k. 50 Freespins


Total Commission this week

Earn Commission

Receive a 15% commission on the action of every one of your friends and family you refer to Quasar Gaming. Learn more

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Challenge #3 Stakes

How it Works?

Get the action going on our selection of table games and Book of Ra slots. Rankings are based on total amount bet on any of these games including Blackjack and Roulette.

Grand Prize

x2 Seats in the WORLD SERIES OF POKER, Millionaire Maker Poker Tournament in Las Vegas on Sunday 11th June 2017.


$1,000,000 guaranteed first prize. Includes €1,500 travel allowance.

POS Player Reward
1 Andreas G. Grand Prize
2 Juho I. €100 Bonus
3 Jörg B. €100 Bonus
4 Volker B. €100 Bonus
5 sabrina h. €100 Bonus
6 Giuseppe p. €100 Bonus
7 Misela L. €100 Bonus
8 Serpil Y. €100 Bonus
9 Amer I. €100 Bonus
10 Dogan A. €100 Bonus
11 Christian M. €100 Bonus
12 Alexander R. 50 Freespins
13 albijan v. 50 Freespins
14 Michael N. 50 Freespins
15 Melanie G. 50 Freespins
16 Ömer K. 50 Freespins
17 Tom W. 50 Freespins
18 justin l. 50 Freespins
19 Malte W. 50 Freespins
20 martin d. 50 Freespins


Total Stakes this week


Book of Ra is one of the most popular and entertaining slot games you can play. Quasar Gaming offers 3 variants of the game: the classic original, the deluxe version and a special 6 reel edition which gives players the chance to win even bigger prizes.

Play book of ra Deluxe Play book of ra Classic Play book of ra 6 Play table games

Challenge #4 NET WIN

How it Works?

Rock the leader board with our band themed slots this week. Rankings are based on net win on Guns n Roses, Jimi Hendrix and Motorhead.

Grand Prize

x3 Ultimate VIP Packages, to the Guns n Roses Live Tour Concert in Hannover on the 22nd June 2017.


Includes: Golden Circle tickets, Exclusive Backstage Tour, Photo on Stage, Open Bar, Souvenir and Limited edition gift pack plus €1000 travel allowance.

POS Player Reward
1 Frank K. Grand Prize
2 Christian M. €100 Bonus
3 Jukka K. €100 Bonus
4 Dominik M. €100 Bonus
5 Hupe N. €100 Bonus
6 Martin U. €100 Bonus
7 Ute J. €100 Bonus
8 Daniel R. €100 Bonus
9 Anton . €100 Bonus
10 Markus K. €100 Bonus
11 Tim B. €100 Bonus
12 Vivian R. 50 Freespins
13 Carmela B. 50 Freespins


Total Net Win this week

Net Win

Net Win is your Profit. You can easily calculate your net win by deducting your total bet amount from your winnings.

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