Vegas Roulette

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How to play Vegas Roulette

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Game Description:

There are plenty of different variations of roulette out there and you can play all of the top ones here. If you're looking for an authentic version of American Roulette, then Vegas Roulette is the one for you as it combines all of the action and excitement of standard American Roulette, not to mention the betting options and prizes, with the glitz and glamour that players can only find on the strip. As always, the aim of the game is to guess where the ball will land while the wheel is turning and you have a number of different ways to back your selection, with better odds and bigger prizes on offer depending on how precise you were with your selections!

Game Start:

The concept of placing a bet and watching the wheel spin is a relatively simple one. However, the actual skill and strategy of Vegas Roulette all comes under the how to play category, and how you place those chips on the betting board can be the difference between a winning and losing gaming session. Of course, it is not all that complex, especially if you're only a casual player, as it all comes down to choosing your chip values based on your available balance and then placing them on one or more areas of the betting board.At the lowest end of the choices are the even money bets. As you'd expect, such bets can be placed on outcomes where only two potential possibilities exist, not including the presence of the zero on the board. For example, you may choose red or black or odd or even ' every number on the board except the zero falls into one of these two categories, hence the even money chance.


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