Red Dog Progressive

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How to play Red Dog Progressive

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Game Description:

This is not your usual game of poker.  It all happens Between the Sheets in Red Dog.  How?

Well, you get dealt 3 cards – the 2 on the sides facing up, and the concept goes around how the spread between those 2 cards turns out.  Between the Sheets, get it?

Red Dog is a famous table game, started off in the old West, pulling the player in with that good old promise.

Game Start:

In each game round of Red Dog Progressive, you get dealt 3 cards out of the pack of 52.  The 2 cards on the side are turned face up, while the third one, the one in between the other 2 is dealt face down.

Your target is that this card in the middle has a value in between those of the first two cards drawn for you.

This middle card is known as the Spread and this is what you bet on.  Think of the odds of this third card drawn falling between the values of the first two cards and place your chips.

Watch out though, if the third card is identical to or outside the spread of the original cards, the bank wins.

If, on the other hand the two first two cards are consecutive the game is considered a draw.

The most exciting part though is when the first two cards are identical.  The moment the third card is turned and you get three of a kind, you get a juicy payout of 11:1.  You might want to raise your original bet after viewing the first two cards, just saying.

The card values in Red Dog Progressive work this way: Ace is 14 and not 1.  King, Queen and Jack are worth 13, 12 and 11 consecutively. The rest of the cards are worth the face value.

Playing without registration:

You can play NetEnt’s Red Dog Progressive just for fun with the €5,000 play money balance available to you as soon as you enter the game.

However remember that the wins earned in this fun mode can’t be converted into real money.  If you place a deposit and play for real money though, you can withdraw any winnings you make!


Progressive Betting

What this means is that in Red Dog Progressive you can keep your winnings on the table and use them for the next round.  You could collect them at the end of each round as well, but you get to choose.

Simply enable or disable the option in the Game Settings menu.

Here’s how Red Dog Progressive and its spread pay out:

A Spread of 1 pays 5:1, one of 2 pays at 4:1, that of 3 pays at 2:1 and a spread of 4 or more pays at 1:1.

If the cards are consecutive, it’s considered to be a Push, which makes the last round a tie basically.  Neither you or the bank loses, but the bet remains on the table and you get to be dealt a new hand.

And of course, as we said earlier 3 of a kind pays at 11:1.  Will you be the one walking away with that?

 RTP: 97.34%


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