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How to play Keno

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Game Description:

Keno is a unique gambling game that is played at casinos all over the world. You can now play it from the comfort of your computer with this stellar video slot. This game is essentially a cross between a lottery and Bingo. There really are no winning strategies to increase your odds are winning, so you are simply going to have to select numbers you feel are lucky, and see what comes up.

Return to player: 94.48%.

Game Start:

When you enter Keno, you are presented with a board containing 80 different spaces. It is up to you to select 10 spaces you want to play with. Select any numbers you want, or if you want to play completely randomly, there is a Random Selector button which will select 10 spaces for you. Once you are happy with your selection, select the number of credits you want to play with. Your choices include one, two, three, five and 10. Hit the credit value again in order to release 20 balls onto the screen. Off to the side of the screen, you will see the pipe the winning values come out of. You want as many balls to match up with your selection as possible. The more balls that match up, the greater your payout is going to be.


To the left side of the screen, you are going to find the paytable. This indicates what payouts are associated with the number of hits you get. No matter how many credits you want to gamble with, the first three hits are always going to have nothing associated with them. You need a minimum of four matching numbers in order to get any kind of payout. The more matches you get, the more you win. All you need to get is have all 10 of your numbers appear on the balls, and you get an amazing payout. After one round, you can decide whether you want to play with the same 10 numbers as before or if you want to switch it up. There is no right or wrong answer for what numbers you should use, so play with whatever you feel lucky with.

Keno Feature:

There are not really any special features to this game. You just keep playing until you are happy with whatever outcome you get. There is an Autoplay feature, so in the event you do want to play with the same numbers over and over again, you can press the orange button at the bottom of the screen. You can get out of Autoplay mode at any time. Additionally, Keno also comes with a Gamble feature. After you receive a payout, a button will pop up that has the word “Gamble” blinking. If you press this, you will be taken to a screen where you are presented with a card. Your job is to guess whether the card is black in color or red. Guessing the right color will lead to your winnings being doubled. Guessing the wrong color will lead to you losing those winnings. People all over the world enjoy Keno, and you can now join them.


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