Deuces Wild

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How to play Deuces Wild

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Game Description:

Deuces Wild is one of the most popular variants of video poker in the world, and keeps things interesting with a few extra twists on top of the standard poker gameplay. It carries all of the hallmarks of a successful video poker title, such as easy access and simple prize combinations. However, as we always say, it is well worth getting to grips with exactly how the game works to give the best chance of winning, and that’s exactly why it makes sense to go through a few of the twists on the game for that extra edge.

Game Start:

As with virtually every casino game ever created, the action doesn’t begin until the layer has decided exactly how much they want to play with. Bets are placed using the adjustable credit area of the screen, with the standard plus and minus buttons going through the credit increments. One of the benefits of playing video poker, Deuces Wild included, is that the pay table is on display at all times. This allows players to quickly and easily see what kind of effect their bets are having on the potential prizes and can make the overall decision noticeably easier. When you’re happy with your stake and the prizes that are available, it is time to shuffle up and deal. Hitting the deal button will see five cards landing on the screen and it is time to decide which of the cards dealt to keep, and which to swap out for replacements.

Deuces Wild uses a standard 52 card deck so you can at least be sure of not receiving the same cards back that you decided to get rid of in the first place. The key part of the game is that, as the name suggests, deuces act in the same way as jokers and can fill in for any other card when forming a hand. When it comes to choosing which cards to discard, the game offers the percentage chance of hitting certain hands based on your starting cards. As long as a percentage is displayed, then hitting that hand is possible, even if 0.00% is listed. This means that the chance is above zero but below 0.01% and a hand that is impossible to make will simply be annotated with a dash.The cards that the player elects to swap out will then be replaced and any prizes won with the final hand are credited, although not before the gamble game. This window opens automatically and the choice is yours as to whether you’d like to gamble the prize or collect.

The nature of the game is being awarded a single card face up, together with two additional face down cards. Players can take their pick of the two additional cards, with the aim of revealing one that is lower than their displayed card. Guess correctly and you’ll make your way up the gamble pyramid, with more cash available to bet on climbing even further. Lose and it’s back to the main game to play again. It is also important to note that unlike many slots, you are able to gamble only half of any specific prize. The other half is effectively safe, as it is credited immediately back to your balance.Prize wise, the main thing to look out for is of course the royal flushes. A Direct Royal Flush pays out the jackpot displayed on the screen, and requires the hand to have been dealt immediately, with no swapping of cards. A conventional royal flush is slightly less valuable, and a wild royal flush, meaning one that includes a deuce, is worth slightly less than four deuces.

Return – to – player: 98.83%.


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