Black Jack

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How to play Black Jack

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Game Description:

Don’t be fooled by the way in which this game is split into two words – this is traditional blackjack at its finest and one of the very best looking versions of the casino classic around. Pretty much every online casino player has enjoyed blackjack at one time or another, but if you need a refresher or indeed are brand new to the game then you’ll definitely appreciate our coverage of the rules below, which will turn you into an expert player in no time!

How to play:

The simplicity of Black Jack as a casino game is one of the main reasons for its enduring success over the years, but if it was that easy then everybody would be taking down the house! The overall goal of the game is to beat the dealer, effectively building a hand of cards that is worth as high a number as possible without going over the important 21 marker.

Getting started on the game hinges on how much you want to bet on your hand and how many of those hands you wish to play with. There are table maximums and minimums in place, but other than those, you are free to build your bet with as many or as few different chips as you like. There are also three areas for different hands, effectively meaning that you can tackle the dealer head on with up to three different sets of cards every time and you don’t even have to use the same bet on every hand.

When you’ve decided on the number of hands to play, it is time to hit the deal button. You’ll receive two cards in each hand that you’re playing, as will the dealer, although one of the dealer’s cards will appear face up. If that card is worth ten then they will immediately check for Black Jack itself, as a dealer’s hand of Black Jack is virtually unbeatable. If the card is an ace then players will be given the opportunity to take insurance, which covers their stake should the dealer show blackjack although it costs half of your hand bet to take this insurance so is worth considering rather than automatically taking or declining.

Following this initial phase, the hands are then played out in order. The basic choice is to hit, meaning taking another card on the hand, or to stick, which leaves the cards as they are, preferably with a good chance of being able to beat the dealer. Players can continue hitting until they’re happy with their hand as long as they don’t break 21, at which point they are considered bust and their hand is mucked.

One interesting part of building your hand is the double option, which involves placing the same stake on the hand and receiving only one additional card, most commonly done when the two original cards show eleven. If the two hold cards match then they can also be split, effectively turning them into two separate hands which are then played out as normal.

When all hands are complete, it is time to see whether you beat the dealer! The face down card from their original hand is flipped over and the dealer will then take the same actions as the player until they reach seventeen or better. The dealer must stick at seventeen even if they have a chance of improving, and the player’s winning hands are then paid out. The round ends, bets are placed once again and the action continues as above.


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