Zreczny Magic

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How to play Zreczny Magic

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Game Description:

There is a wide array of video slots out there now. Some are based off hit films while others come with innovative features and side games to always keep players on their toes. While these games are perfectly fun, there is something to be said about a video slot that sticks with the basics and keeps things simple. That is why Zreczny Magic has gotten so popular among online slot players despite its difficult to pronounce name. In years past, slot machines primarily used symbols based around fruit. Zreczny Magic harkens back to the tradition by using classic icons, so anyone hankering for some nostalgia is bound to get a real kick out of this great slot game.

Game Start:

This game is designed in such a way to make you think you are sitting at a real slot machine in a casino, constantly spinning the reels to see if you come out a winner. Before spinning, you will want to figure out how much you want to bet on each spin. Pick a value you feel comfortable with. You can increase or decrease the amount you are wagering with the “+” and “-“ symbols at the bottom of the screen. Once you feel ready, hit the “Start” button, and you will see all the fruit symbols spin past. All you can do then is sit and wait to see if any winning combinations pop up.


Part of the appeal of this game is that there are no crazy pay lines. There is a single pay line going through the middle of each reel, so it is easy to tell if you have won or not. However, there is a variant of the game where you can play with a total of five pay lines. These lines are located at the top, middle and bottom of all the reels, and then there are also pay lines going diagonally. Different symbol combinations lead to different payout amounts. You can look at the side of the screen to see what symbols are more valuable than others. One the lower end of the pay scale are the bells, plums, lemons and oranges. Strawberries, grapes, watermelons and red sevens come next. If you really want to see some substantial payouts, then you are going to want to line up three stars.

Zreczny Magic Feature:

A classic slot game feature that comes with Zreczny Magic is the ability to hold up to two reels. If you want to spin again, you have the choice to keep one or two reels in the positions they currently are. You can hold any of the reels you want, but at least one reel still needs to be able to spin. This can be useful as a tactical strategy to increase your chances of getting a combination. You can also play with the Supermeter mode. This is the variation of the game where five pay lines are in play instead of just one. This is one video slot that anyone can pick up easily without learning a bunch of complicated rules.

Return – to – player: 95.29%.


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