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How to play Xtra Hot

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Game Description:

Quasar Gaming has produced plenty of iconic and some would even say legendary slot games over the years, but one that is truly familiar to all sorts of players is Xtra Hot, which launched a whole new series of fruit themed video slots in its own right. There may be dozens of such games in the range, but this one is truly unmistakable thanks to the unique purple colour scheme, not to mention the various uses of lightning to illuminate the action. It is a delightful combination of looks and action and for many players it is the essential fruit slot. Here, we’re going to show you exactly why that continues to be the case to this day by taking a look through all of the options and features that serve to ensure that you have every chance of a healthy bankroll boost whenever you play this game!

Game Start:

Xtra Hot has been around for quite a while now, so it will come as absolutely no surprise to learn that it is far from the most complex slot to set up for play. For starters, no player will be overwhelmed by the number of win lines, with a modest five in play. This means that you can keep your bets as small or as large as you like and you’ll be able to see winning combinations as they land rather than waiting for the slot itself to light them up for you. You can then choose cash amounts to place on each line, which will then of course be multiplied by the five lines to represent how the base amount for how much you stand to win when spinning in the various symbols. The fruits are rarely offered alone on any Quasar Gaming slot and that is the case here on Xtra Hot too. You’ll also find two symbols that sandwich them on the pay table, starting at the bottom with the X. The symbol is far more common on classic slots but makes an appearance here to kick off the action. At the higher end of the prize table is the bar, which will pay out the biggest line based prize in the game for five matching symbols across the five win lines.


While not a bonus round as such, Xtra Hot does have a special feature that always serves to break the monotony of just spinning the reels and it comes in the form of the star symbol. It was somewhat revolutionary when the slot itself was released, although nowadays plenty of players are familiar with the concept of the scatter icon. That’s the best way to describe the star as any appearances will count regardless of whether they are on a win line or even adjacent for that matter. More stars make for bigger prizes, and you’ll find them on the pay table alongside the fruits, bars and X symbol.


While there are no free spins to speak of on Xtra Hot, it does include a gamble game, which is the case the majority of the time on Quasar Gaming slots. It is of particular importance on this game as it allows players to convert somewhat modest wins for the lower value symbols into particularly impressive prizes and if you play several slots from the developer, you may well find yourself opting to gamble more often than usual on this one as it is genuinely one of the very best ways to win on the game.

Return – to – player: 95.24%.


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