Wonky Wabbits

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How to play Wonky Wabbits

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Game Description:

The ability to win big is now feasible with the help of mischievous little critters known as wabbits. You are going to feel as though you are a little kid once again plopped down in front of the television on a Saturday morning once you get a look at the visuals this slot game offers. The wabbits themselves are pretty cute, and a common motif you are going to see throughout this game is that it looks as though everything is stitched together. That motif is present in the wabbits themselves as well as the symbols you see on the reels. The delightful music is also certain to put you in a good mood, so get ready to play with some wacky wabbits.

Game Start:

Getting started is a breeze. Before you start spinning, you will want to select the bet level you want to play with along with the coin value. You can easily adjust the number value of each manually, or if you are feeling like going all in, you can press the Max Bet button, which takes both values to their maximum. If you want to play numerous games with the same bet, then go with Autoplay. Once you are ready, hit the big green button, and watch all those vegetables fly right past you on the screen.


There are no bonus rounds or special features with Wonky Wabbits™. This means the only way you can win is to get a winning combination of symbols on a single pay line. Spaces that have a 10, J, Q, K and A are on the lower end of the spectrum in terms of payouts. If you really want to see some coins coming your way, then you need to get the same vegetable on multiple reels. Eggplant pays the least as far as the vegetables, and then it goes broccoli, corn, tomato and carrot. Naturally, when you are playing with these crazy wabbits, carrots are going to be worth the most.

Wonky Wabbits Feature:

The main special feature this slot game has to offer is the Wilds. As you are spinning the reels, you might notice that one of the symbols is a purple square with the word “Wild” written in gold across it. This spot looks different for a very good reason. When a Wild symbol appears anywhere on the pay table, another Wild is going to pop up somewhere else on the board. The position of this new Wild is wherever it will result in the biggest payout for you. A fun thing to keep in mind is that if two Wilds appear on the table, then two more pop up, resulting in four Wilds in total. The maximum number of Wilds you are able to get on the pay table in a single spin is 14. This video slot game is perfect for people of all experience levels. Whether you are just getting into online slot games or are a seasoned pro, there is something in Wonky Wabbits™ for everybody. These wabbits are here to entertain you.

Return – to – player: 96.44%.


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