The Winning Pick

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How to play The Winning Pick

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Game Description:

Did you grow up watching The Muppets? If you loved their antics, then you are certain to get a kick out of The Winning Pick slot game with a RTP of 95%. This slot game has a puppet motif throughout it, so it is definitely going to be unlike any other online video slot you have played before. The game itself is structured to be like a game show. Every time you take the reels for a spin, you can enjoy some delightful game show music as you wait to see what symbols come up. Additionally, there are fun animations the puppets display whenever you get at least three in a row. Although the layout is a little wacky, the basic gameplay is essentially like other slot games and is simple to pick up on. You will have no problem figuring it out and enjoying yourself tremendously.

Game Start:

There are five reels that spin for every round, and there are a maximum of 25 paylines that can be in play. Getting a match on any of these paylines results in a win, and you can change how many you want active. Lowering the amount will affect your total bet amount. You can reduce the number and go down to just a single active payline located in the very middle of the screen. You can also change the number of credits you want to bet per payline. Click on the “Start” button when you are ready to spin those reels. The amount your payout is worth will depend on how much you bet and how much each winning combination corresponds to. The symbols based on card suites pay out the least. The actual puppet characters pay out a little more.


The basic way to win is to get matching symbols on a payline. The most valuable symbol is the square featuring the phrase “The Winning Pick.” There is also a Wild symbol that can be used as a substitute for any other symbol, excluding the Scatter. There is also the potential to win even more by getting three Prize buttons. These symbols only appear on the second, third and fourth reels, but if you manage to get three on a single spin, then you have an opportunity to win quite a bit. It is up to you to select any one of the buttons. Each one corresponds to a different value. You could earn a little or win big.

The Winning Pick Feature:

In addition to Wild symbols, there is also a little bonus round you can enter. The Bonus symbol can only be found on the first, third and fifth reels. This leads you to a separate screen. You basically advance from one reel to the next by selecting what is behind a certain curtain. You keep going until you reveal a curtain that contains “No Prize.” Therefore, it is feasibly possible to continue playing for a while and continue racking up prizes. Place your bets and see what these puppets have in store for you. This slot is perfect for adding a little fun to the video slot experience.


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