The White Wolf

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How to play The White Wolf

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Game Description:

Take a trip back to a more primal time and a fascinating culture. The White Wolf by Quasar Gaming with a RTP of 96.07% will help you channel your inner crazy as you compete for big money. Your wits and intuition are all you need, since the layout is straightforward, yet exciting for even the veteran high roller. Meticulously designed vintage graphics and the chance to take home incredible earnings will make you fall in love instantly with the wonders that this genius creation has to offer. Not sure how to begin? No worries, like the eagle soaring bravely in the sky, you can learn how to master The White Wolf and come home a champion at the end of an unforgettable adventure.

Game Start:

It all starts when you are confronted with Death Valley, the beautiful yet barren landscape of sun baked plains interspersed with towering, jagged mountains. This land is unkind to anyone but the most strong in spirit; fittingly, you will be met with silence until you score a win, in which case music inspired by Native American tribes and wildlife will usher you into celebratory joy. Bet 10, 20, 50, 100 or 200 coins with a maximum total of 10,000. The reel starts to spins as soon as you bet, conveying images of tribal memorabilia, ceremonies and portraits of distinguished natives. Choose wisely: you can activate one, three, five, seven or 10 paylines by navigating the tabs on the side of the screen. There are five reels active at any time. Indeed, the colorful fonts and magnificent imagery will make you feel like the odds are on your side, especially when they all line up in your favor for world-altering earnings.


The potential to win big is truly sky high. Keep a watchful eye out for the Gamble option, available after every win in single spin mode. Correctly guess the color of the card to double your earnings and take advantage of another Gamble option that continues as long as you’re in the right. One fatal mistake will end the parade and eliminate all your newly won coins, so play at your own peril. In addition, you must not forget to dive into the Jackpot Cards featured at the top of the screen. Each of the four suites will have a corresponding amount that can be yours if you flip over enough cards to find three that match. Triggered randomly after a win, you better take advantage of this option before it all fades away into oblivion.

The White Wolf Feature:

Do you have what it takes to survive in the wild outdoors? The White Wolf is sure to have you yelling at the top of your lungs before the night is over. Extraordinary graphics coupled with easy-to-follow gameplay and ample bonus opportunities have made this a go-to to the thousands flowing in and out of casinos around the world. Tune in to the power of this classic to discover all that the gods have in store for you. Whether you dream of a luxury vacation, or a dream mansion, it is all possible with the help of the majestic wolf and his friends.


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