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How to play Spinderella

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What is Spinderella - Game description:

This isn’t your daughter’s fairytale. Spinderella may house a prince and a fairy godmother, but instead of dragging you off to some fancy party in a poufy ballgown, they let you sit at home in your pajamas and win credits. The graphics aren’t bad, either. Between spins, check out the bright orange pumpkins, pretty slippers and far-off castle symbols. Bright and crisp, the images just add to the fun of spinning to win.

Return to player: 95.17%.

How Spinderella works:

Begin by deciding whether you will play Spinderella to try for real life earnings or just for fun. When playing just for fun, the game allows you to begin with 500 credits. From there, choose your bet. Your bet is on a per-line basis and multiplied by 20 lines. You must bet a minimum of 0.02 credits per line, but you can bet up to five credits per line. Spinderella allows you to bet on as many or as few lines as you’d like at one time. Once you get the hang of the game, you can choose to let it play automatically. The game will spin on its own until you stop it to change your bet or until you no longer have enough credits to keep betting at your current rate.

Features Spinderella:

As with any slots game, your winnings in Spinderella depend on how many credits you bet in first place. The numbers 9 and 10 and letters J, Q, K and A are the most common symbols in the game. Spinning at least two 9s pays out .04 credits. Bet higher and spin more than two of them to earn up to 250 credits. The number 10 as well as letters J, Q, K and A earn you between .10 and 250 credits when you spin at least three of them. The pumpkin and slipper are the most common picture symbols and earn between .20 and 750 credits when you spin at least three of them. The carriage and castle are rarer. Each one earns at least .20 credits when you spin at least three and as much as 1,000 or 1,250 credits, respectively. The prince and wild symbols are winners if you spin at least two of them. Depending on your bet and which one you spin, you can earn up to 50,000 credits. Scatter symbols are also a part of Spinderella. When you spin at least three of them, you earn at least three free spins and can earn up to 50 of them. The wild symbol can replace any other one on the board except for the scatter. It multiplies winnings up to 10 times unless the win was only wilds. Pay lines work from left to right. You receive the highest winnings per line. Multiple-line wins in one spin accumulate.

Play Spinderella without registration:

Spinderella allows you to gamble your winnings in a mini-game. If you choose to do so, you decide whether the next card in a face-down deck is red or black. If you are correct, earnings double. If you are incorrect, you forfeit your original winnings. You can continue to double winnings up to five times per mini-game.


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