Silent Run

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How to play Silent Run

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Game Description:

Few people get the opportunity to ride around in a submarine. You can get a feel for the experience by playing the Silent Run™ slot game. You are greeted with dramatic music, so it feels as though an enemy ship has you in its line of sight. The submarine theme is present in more than just the symbols containing imagery you might see in an aquatic dogfight. The bonus rounds also have some fun features that will have you feeling as though you are a brave captain trying to win the battle for your men. Play today to potentially win some big prizes and keep your submarine intact.

Game Start:

There are 25 pay lines total in this slot, and that number cannot be adjusted. However, you do have a choice in terms of the coin value and bet level. You can move either value up or down until you are happy with the amount you are betting on each spin. If you are really happy with the amount, then you should click on the Autoplay button. This opens up a window where you can select the number of spins you want to play with the value selected. If at any point you want to stop the Autoplay, then you simply need to bring up the window again and hit the Stop button.


Winning in this slot game requires you to get three of the same symbol on a pay line. However, matching symbols is not the only way an individual can win big in the game. The Wild symbol can be used as a substitute for any other icon, so you could potentially win on a spin where you would not ordinarily get a payout. There is also the Echo Wild symbol. The icon for this feature is a red sonar screen, and if it appears on the third reel, then it sends out a signal throughout the rest of the table. Some Wild symbols might be hidden, and the Echo Wild symbol is going to draw them out and increase your chances of winning substantially.

Silent Run Feature:

There is a bonus game in Silent Run™ that could result in a very large payout for you. In order to reach this bonus game, you need to spin the reels and get the Echo Bonus symbol somewhere on the third reel. This is indicated with an icon of a green sonar screen. If you manage to get it, then it sends out a signal throughout the table to find hidden torpedoes. You are awarded as many torpedoes that are found, which can be anywhere between two and five. You are then taken to the bonus game screen. Five ships are on the water, and it is up to you to fire the torpedoes you were awarded to take them out. Each ship corresponds to a different value, and a multiplier is given for each firing. For example, your third shot would carry a 3x multiplier while your fourth shot would have a 5x multiplier. Win the battle then win the war while playing Silent Run™.

Return – to – player: 96.12%.


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