Secrets Of The Sand

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How to play Secrets Of The Sand

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Game Description:

The chances are that if you’re here, then you’re above average when it comes to the levels of slots playing experience that you’ve got. With so many slots being rather similar in the fundamental aspects, it can be difficult to find a game that truly breaks the mould without deviating too far from the standard slots ideals. Fortunately, if you’ve come to check out Secrets of the Sand then you’re in the right place to experience something that we’d wager you’ve never seen before on the reels and it is fair to say that this is one of the most innovative reel based games that Quasar Gaming has ever released. We always suggest checking out our quick play guides before sinking your teeth into any slot game, but that counts doubly on this game as it is unique in every sense of the word, so you’ll definitely want to know what Secrets of the Sand is all about before embarking on your latest winning streak.

Game Start:

Before we get into the specifics of how to play Secrets of the Sand, it makes sense to address the part of the game that definitely cannot have escaped your attention as soon as it loads. Rather than being confronted with the standard five reel layout that you might have been expecting, you’ll instead feast your eyes on two different sets of reels ‘ one with a red background and one with a blue backing ‘ and they’re both full size, five reel boards, bordered by an impressing looking goddess at the top of the screen. Effectively, both slot screens act independently, making Secrets of the Sand one of the rare games where you can double the fun by playing two slots at once.

You bet the same amount on each but do so independently, and both will also pay prizes separately too.In terms of the impact that this has on your bets, it is actually not all that difficult to understand. You set up the reels as normal, with a choice of up to twenty win lines. Then, you can modify your bet per line using the standard plus and minus buttons, with the result of both being your total stake. The obvious difference between this and any other slot is that the amount you’re betting is placed on both boards, so be sure to factor that into any staking plans.Overall, the important thing to remember when playing Secrets of the Sand is that you are basically playing two different slots at the same time with one set of controls. Everything that you choose to do applies to both machines, but they never interact with each other, making the game a more convenient means of playing two different cabinets at once.


There’s always room for a bonus game on any Ancient Egyptian themed slot and this one is no different. The mysterious book appears once again in an important role. During standard play it is both a wild and a scatter, meaning that if one or more appear, they can fill in for the various other symbols such as vases, scarabs and pharaohs. When three or more land at once on a single board, you have gained access to the bonus game, which contains five free spins that can be re-triggered within the round itself. Prior to the round starting, one symbol will be chosen at random to act as an expanding wild. Every time it appears, it will fill in gaps and cover its reel and can even expand outwards to turn other reels completely wild in the process! When this happens, you know you’re on to a big winner and the feature rounds off the unique excitement that can be found on Secrets of the Sand perfectly.

Return – to – player: 95.1%.


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