Reel Rush

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How to play Reel Rush

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Game Description:

Colorful gem-like fruits and brilliant cartoon graphics make Reel Rush a refreshing experience for casual and experienced gamers alike. This five reel video slot game includes exciting features like re-spins, Free Spins, and Wild substitutions that offer up to 3,125 ways to win. Each game has 45 – 3,125 ways to win made possible by 1 – 10 levels with up to 50 coins per level and different coin values.

Game Start:

The bet level can be easily selected using the LEVEL settings; coin value is adjusted using the COIN VALUE setting. The COIN display shows the player how many coins they have available. For player convenience MAX BET and AUTOPLAY features are included. MAX BET will start a game with the highest bet value and highest coin value current available. The AUTOPLAY feature can be set to play for a set number of rounds; the player simply enters the number of rounds they wish the feature to continue and then begin. AUTOPLAY will halt when the pre-sent number of rounds has elapsed or when the Free Spin feature is activated. AUTOPLAY can also be set to stop when a single win exceeds a pre-set amount, when cash increases by a pre-set amount, or when cash decreases by a pre-set amount. Player can specify these amounts by clicking the Advanced button in the AUTOPLAY menu.


A winning combination is when three or more matching adjacent symbols occur in any position across reels from leftmost to rightmost. Players can view all possible winning combinations in the PAYTABLE. Only the longest combination per symbol will be paid by the game. Different symbols that win simultaneously are added together and all wins are only paid on ways to win. The total symbol win is determined by multiplying the number of matching symbols displayed on one reel by the number of matching symbols displayed on all other reels relevant to the longest possible winning combination. This result is multiplied by the coin win amount associated with the longest winning symbol combination as detailed in the PAYTABLE. A spin’s total win is determined by adding together the symbol wins for each symbol type.

A symbol win’s coin value is equal to the PAYTABLE value multiplied by bet level and the number of times that symbol appears on the reels. The total currency win is determined by multiplying the total win in coins by the coin value.

Reel Rush Feature:

Re-spins are trigged by any main game spin resulting in a winning combination; up to five re-spins may be earned. The number of ways to win will increase as two additional symbols appear on the reels during the re-spin phase. Wins from re-spins are added to winnings from the initial round. If no winning combinations appear in a re-spin or after the fifth re-spin normal game play resumes.

Eight free spins are earned when a winning combination is earned after a fifth re-spin. Re=spins and free spins are played with the same coin value and bet level as the initial normal round. Additional free spins cannot be won during the free spin phase. The wins from free spins and re-spins will be added to the winnings from the round that triggered these bonus phases.

Wild symbols in Reel Rush can substitute for any symbol in the game; they will appear in the main game and Free Spin game only in reels two, three, four, and five.

Return – to – player: 96.96%.


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