Reel King Potty

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How to play Reel King Potty

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Game description:

Prepare for yet another visit to the court of the Reel King, a man of great generosity – an appointment with this guy almost certainly guarantees you a substantial improvement of your financial situation. Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome Reel King Potty, an enhanced version of the game provider’s renowned slot Reel King with a RTP of 95%. More features, more ways to win and even more fun in a truly royal company. This might even be a life changing session for you should you hit the progressive jackpot, so you’re naturally in with a chance to become a royal person yourself.

Game start:

Adjust the amount you wish to put at stake by using the little “+” and “-” buttons situated directly below the reel set. The amount you enter will automatically get multiplied by 20 – the total number of win lines which are always in play by default. The resulting figure is your total bet per round – in other words, the cost of a single spin. As the win lines are fixed, your chances of hitting a win don’t change and are always as high as they can possibly get; in turn, the potential prizes are by no means fixed and depend on your stake – the bigger the bet, the greater the value of each winning combination. The exact values as per your current bet are listed in the pay table. When the betting is over, it’s time to spin the reels. You can either hit “Start” for a single spin or enable the “Autoplay” mode for a potentially endless succession of rounds.


The reel set of Reel King Potty is a 5-piece one which allows for combinations of 3, 4 and 5 matching symbols. To hit a win, you must land the matching symbols on one or more of the 20 win lines without any interruptions. Maximum payouts are granted for 5-of-a-kind combinations. The most expensive symbol is a sack of golden coins paying out as much as 50 times your stake for a 5-of-a-kind combination. The abundance of win lines makes it quite possible that multiple winning patterns will appear during a single spin.


The reels in of this slot machine may suddenly turn yellow or red. If, after a spin, all the 5 reels turn yellow, the Reel King feature is activated. The Reel King himself will appear on the game screen and start spinning his own tiny reel set almost entirely filled with sevens. The payouts here are quite high and depend on the colour of sevens – they can be red, yellow or blue. Combinations of mixed colour also count; however, they are the least expensive. The game ends when the combination in view gets interrupted by a small black dot. Now, when the reels decide to turn red, the Reel King Potty feature is activated. The same Ring will appear, but now, instead of the sevens, his reels will display the word POT – it may be bronze, silver, or gold. As you may have guessed, these are 3 different jackpots, and one of them will surely be yours. Finally, if the King’s reels will display three golden crowns, you will be awarded a truly life-changing jackpot.


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