Rainbow King™

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How to play Rainbow King™

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Game Description:

If you want a little extra dash of colour in your slots gaming then you need look no further than Quasar Gaming’s Rainbow King, which lives up to its name by being one of the most truly vibrant slots around and a true pleasure to look at. Of course, looks are never everything when it comes to slot gaming though and players have always been pleased to discover that it also happens to be one of the best playing games around, even a few years after release. There’s plenty to discover beneath the bright colours and outstanding symbols and we’ve got the full lowdown on all of the excellent action that awaits new and experienced players alike.

Game Start:

Everyone sets out on the slots to win big, but before you can do that you will of course have to set up the game to your liking, meaning the correct stakes and the right number of win lines for your tastes. As you’ll be used to by now, bets are calculated on the basis of using credits and the bigger your bet on each line, the more you stand to win from each symbol combination, which effectively awards a multiplier of your bet amount. There are twenty win lines and the number of credits can range from 0.02 to five, making for a maximum total bet of a hundred credits if you’re a high roller. Everyone has different budgets and staking plans, but if you do manage to push Rainbow King to the top end of bets then the jackpot prize stands at a stunning 250,000 credits, which is definitely worth a shot at!


The looks of Rainbow King are certainly noteworthy in their own right, but they are certainly not the only appealing aspect of the game. The fact that there are three different bonus rounds to boost your bankroll means that there really is never a dull moment and it all kicks off with the Rainbow King round itself. There, players are invited to roll the dice to reveal a cash amount, which is then added to the credit balance. There is also the King Cash round, where players select a crown to reveal a cash prize, and then the Cash Castle round where three Castle symbols will award an additional prize.

Return – to – player: 95%.


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