Quest for Gold

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How to play Quest for Gold

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Game Description:

One look at the logo on Quasar Gaming’s Quest for Gold slot will indicate exactly where the developer got the inspiration for this original game. It looks exactly like the text used for Indiana Jones and when you combine that with how the starring character looks, then you’ll see that there’s plenty in common. There may not be an official license in play on this game but that means little when you consider just how good the company’s slots always prove to be. Besides, when there’s the potential for an adventure, not least one that offers the chance at picking up some buried treasure, it is one experience that nobody should miss out on! Here, we’ve got the full information on what to expect from the game and how to get up and running as quickly as possible so that you’re spending more time winning and less time working out what to do!

Return to player: 94.4%.

Game Start:

The graphics on Quest for Gold are bold and somewhat simple by the company’s usual standards, but you certainly shouldn’t let that fool you into thinking that this is a slot game with no depth. For starters, the winning combinations on offer are pretty impressive, with up to twenty win lines available. You place a certain stake on each line with the total making up how much it will cost to spin the reels and, as would be expected, the higher your stakes on each line, the more the symbols that land on those lines are worth. We’ve noted how the symbols look rather simple, but they’re certainly perfectly functional and easy to keep track of. We particularly like the way that even the playing card symbols get in on the action by being rendered in the same font as the logo. The Indiana Jones style character is the star of the show and you’ll even encounter his monkey companion and a breath-taking golden pyramid among the higher value symbols in the game. Players that enjoy completing wins with wild cards will want the main characters to land as often as possible as he’s happy to fill in the gaps on any win line and as any of the main prize symbols.


No adventure would be complete without a treasure map and that symbol is just as crucial to the action as Indiana himself as it leads to the bonus round. The biggest and best prizes on Quest for Gold can be won during the feature so it’s always worth tracking down, and it makes sense that more treasure maps make for better returns. Indeed, while three maps will award ten free spins, four will bump that number up to twelve, with five awarding fifteen. The difference between each may be small but with the prizes coming thick and fast, more spins are definitely merrier!

Quest for Gold Feature:

Quest for Gold appropriately makes use of Quasar Gaming’s golden pyramid gamble feature, which looks uncannily like the symbol in the main game. The idea remains the same, as you’re looking to stop the flashing light while it’s illuminated. Doing so successfully will award double your prize, but there’s always the risk of missing and losing it all, so it all depends on how much of a risk you’re willing to take.


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