Pumpkin Power

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How to play Pumpkin Power

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Game Description:

When you hear the name Pumpkin Power, you might imagine a pumpkin spice fan group or a new strain of superfood. It isn’t any of these things, though. It’s something much better. Pumpkin Power is the hottest new slot game available on Quasar Gaming with a RTP of 95.19%, and it’s a winner in more ways than one. The Halloween theme is embodied in impressive graphics, enticing sound effects and icons depicting witches, haunted houses, and, of course, pumpkins.

The only thing that’s scary, though, is just how good Pumpkin Power is. Like typical online slots, you can control how many lines you bet on as well as how much you want to bet. As the slots roll, you can imagine an enchanted pumpkin granting you luck. Even when the slots fail to align, the game offers enormous entertainment value that gamblers of all kinds can enjoy.

Game Start:

As Pumpkin Power begins, plays are invited to pay in and are greeted with the layout of the game: five slots are configured at its center, and there are as many as 243 or as few as 3 ways to win. If you are at all familiar with slot games, it is simple to catch onto Pumpkin Power. If not, you will quickly learn. Each gamble triggers the slots, and spooky graphics whiz by on the screen. Two special symbols, the witch and the pumpkin, entice players with rewards.

The witch serves as the game’s wild card and can be used as a substitute for any other symbol. The only exception to this rule is the pumpkin symbol. Players who strike three of these see their efforts rewarded with 12 free games. You can up your bet on the free games or select autoplay to let the slots run automatically. Like the rest of the game, the free plays offer gorgeous graphics and thrilling sound effects.


Pumpkin Power offers the opportunity to garner some major winnings. The results of your bet will depend on how much you wager and how many lines you bet on, of course, but you can expect some thrilling gameplay the moment you click the start button. The haunted house symbol offers the highest yield of all the game’s standard symbols, with potential winnings ranging from 200 to 4,000 points.

The black cat is the second most lucrative regular symbol, with rewards ranging from 100 to 1,000 points, and the rest of the symbols range from 10 to 500 points in winnings. The real winner, of course, is the game’s titular pumpkin symbol. Strike three of these and you’ll win the aforementioned 12 free rounds. The last symbol likely to offer winnings is the game’s resident beautiful woman: a gorgeous witch who serves as the wild card and takes flight when you strike a winning slot.

Pumpkin Power Feature:

Though Pumpkin Power is a traditional slot game, its unique features make it a special experience. Upon winning a round, you can choose to collect the earnings or gamble again. Players who opt for the latter can choose between red or black cards to determine whether their winnings will be multiplied or forfeited. This, combined with Pumpkin Power’s amazing graphics and gameplay, make it a surefire winner.


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