Power Stars

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How to play Power Stars

Game Description:

Novomatic is pretty notorious for the quality and entertainment value of their fruit based slot games and while there aren't all that many puns to be made about the theme or the graphics and such games, there can be absolutely no doubting that they make up some of the most entertaining games of all time. Power Stars stands head and shoulders above many other fruit themed video slots with some truly essential gameplay. If you've played it before then we can completely understand why you're back to play again as it can be one of the most entertaining slots around, even without a dedicated theme. If you're brand new to the game then the good news is that you're in luck as you're about to experience a true classic. You don't have to go in blind either as we've got absolutely all of the details on what makes this game such a cracker, not least the lowdown on how to play and how to make the most out of the feature based action.

Game Start:

Power Stars may well be interesting and unique but one thing that can be said about the developer is that they leave little to chance when it comes to betting options. They would rather that players were able to get their bets in place quickly and easily while saving the surprises for later on ion the gaming experience and that's perfectly fine by us. This game uses the relatively simple betting layout of ten win lines across five reels and this allows for plenty of winning combinations on every spin without taking things too far out of control with regards to keeping an eye on when your wins land.

At the core of those wins are of course the various fruit symbols. If you've played any of the high quality slots from Novomatic that use this theme then you'll know that they are big fans of the cherries, melons and oranges and they're the stars of the show here. Unlike many other slots, they come along in stacks of three, meaning that you have every chance of filling the reels completely with a single fruit. The ten win lines then mean that you can win the prize for five of a kind ten times over on a single spin and that is just one reason why this is considered to be such a great game!

Fruits aren't all you'll find either, as the top end of the pay table is taken up by the lucky seven and the bell, which are worth thousands of coins in their own right.Even if the screen does not manage to fill up with a single fruit, all is certainly not lost as the game also packs in a wild card which is well in line with the name of the game as it is the power star itself. It can fill in for absolutely any of the fruits on the reels and can even act as more than one at the same time. You could conceivably, for example, line up four cherries on one line and four oranges on another, all thanks to the diversity and dynamic nature of the wild.

Power Stars Feature:

With a wild card helping things along and some truly high value symbols in their own right, you won't have much chance to even pause for breath on Power Stars, especially if you're making use of the auto play feature. However, it is important to bear in mind, particularly if a winning combination is rather modest, that the gamble game is always available. Players are welcome to bet their prize on a game of chance that involves guessing the colour of the next card drawn and the reward for doing so correctly is doubling your prize, which you can then proceed to gamble once more or collect to return to the main game.


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