Power Joker

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How to play Power Joker

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Game Description:

Sometimes, simple is just better. If you prefer the traditional slot machine of yesteryear over today’s flashier machines with upwards of 50 lines, you will enjoy playing Power Joker. This retro-inspired slots game may not have a large number of lines or the fancy symbols people have come to expect from online casinos, but it is perfect for a few hours of relaxed spinning without a lot of complicated rules. Jokers, lemons, cherries and grapes make up the symbols on this uncomplicated game. Step back into the past and play to your heart’s desire.

Return to player: 92%.

Game Start:

When starting a game of Power Joker, you must first decide if you’re playing for fun or for real winnings. If you decide to play for fun, the game provides you with 500 credits to start. From there, you must decide how much to bid. At a minimum, you must bid .02 credits per line for a total of .20 credits at a time. If you prefer to raise the stakes, you can bid up to 10 credits per line for a total of 100.


Winnings depend on how much you initially bet and which symbols you spin to win. When playing in base mode, Power Joker automatically collects all winnings when you are betting one coin per line. If you are betting 10 coins per line, any winnings under 2,000 automatically go into the supermeter. When playing in supermeter mode, which involves betting 20, 40, 100 or 200 coins, any winnings go into the supermeter mode with the exception of jackpot earnings. Supermeter mode ends when you press the collect supermeter button. If you do not press the button, the mode will automatically end when you have zero coins in the supermeter or when you have 2,000 or more in it. At this point, the coins transfer to your earnings. All prizes are available only on pay lines, unless the prize is earned by spinning scatters. Scatters win regardless of which line they are on.

Power Joker Feature:

Power Joker includes two features not common in many slots machine games. The first is a shared and progressive jackpot. The more you play, the more the pot grows until someone wins it. If you are playing at maximum bet amounts, you have the chance to win the jackpot in its entirety. If you are playing at anything less than maximum bet, you have the chance to win a portion of the jackpot that correlates with your current bet amount. At any time, you can view the jackpot and the percentage you receive should you win it.

In addition to the jackpot, Power Joker offers a mystery win feature. This feature activates when you spin jokers. If you are betting between 1 and 10 coins, three jokers on a single active win line activates the feature. If you are betting 100 coins, mystery win activates when a joker is visible anywhere on the reel. If you are betting 200 coins, you can activate the mystery win feature when a joker is in view on any reel.


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