Plenty on Twenty

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How to play Plenty on Twenty

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Game Description:

If you’re a fan of Quasar Gaming slots then you’ll be absolutely no stranger to the developer’s passion for great games based around a fruit theme, and you’ll find more of them among the selection than any other theme. Indeed, there have been entire series of games based around fruits, and they all share plenty in common. Never one to stick with the same idea for too long, the developer decided to take the theme to the next level with Plenty on Twenty. Some familiar fruits, such as cherries, oranges and lemons return, but this time they have their own personalities and look completely unlike anything that you will have ever seen before! In many ways, the game is a spiritual successor to many of the fruit slots that came before it, retaining many of the classic gameplay elements and features while also managing to become virtually brand new in the grand scheme of things. Fortunately, the game is certainly updated but is by no means difficult to grasp, and any of the complex parts will soon be forgotten as we’ve got absolutely everything you need to know about getting the best out of the game.

Return to player: 95.61%.

Game Start:

Whether a slot is advanced or not, players are not going to get far without setting up their betting options to get the best value out of their bankroll and Plenty on Twenty is absolutely no different. The name of the game may not have all that much to do with fruits, but you’ll quickly see that it is derived from the number of win lines in play which is, unsurprisingly, twenty. It would be unusual to name a game after the number of win lines and then allow them to be changed, so you’ll find them to be fixed but that’s fine as the game offers stacking symbols and you never want to miss out on potential winning combinations when they’re around.

Plenty on Twenty Feature:

-While there may not be a bonus round as such, every fruit based slot needs a gamble feature and Quasar Gaming has opted for the card colour guessing game on Plenty on Twenty. Will it be red, or will it be black? The choice is yours and you’ll have to put your money where your mouth is to play, but the rewards can be huge with the chance to keep on gambling every time you get the next card right.


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