Penguin Style

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How to play Penguin Style

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Game Description:

Who says you can’t surf in Arctic weather? These penguins sure do! Penguin Style is a fixed 20-line slots game featuring fast play, fun bonuses and plenty of adorable and colorful graphics with a RTP of 96.08%. Spend hours upon hours spinning the wheel as you take in images of surfing penguins, pink octopi, icy igloos and even a whale or two. You’ll have almost as much fun looking at the graphics as you will earning big winnings.

Game Start:

Begin playing Penguin Style by deciding whether you want to play for fun or for real winnings. When you are playing for fun, the game provides you with 50,000 credits to start. Next, select your bet. At minimum, you must bet one credit per line for a total of 20 credits per spin. As you build winnings, you can raise your bet up to a maximum of 20 credits per line for a total of 400 per spin.


The amount of your winnings depends on how much you initially bet. For a line to win, you must spin at least three of the same symbol. The most common symbols are the letters A, K, Q and J. These symbols pay a minimum of 5 credits per win. Rarer symbols include penguins, octopi and whales. When you spin at least three of these, you win a minimum of 20 credits. Wins are determined by matching symbols left to right. Your winnings accumulate if you win on more than one line in the same spin. If you win multiple ways on a single line, you receive the highest winning spin.

Penguin Style Feature:

Penguin Style offers several special symbols and features. Scatter symbols and wild symbols are rare in the game and bring special bonuses if you spin at least three of them. If you spin scatter symbols, you win three free spins. These spins pull up an alternate set of reels to spin. If you spin wild symbols, you can win between 50 and 1,000 credits. Wild symbols substitute for any other symbol on the reels with the exception of scatters.

Penguin Style offers two special features between spins. If you win credits during your spin, you have the option of gambling to win more. Should you choose to do so, the game brings you to a mini-game featuring cards. Guess whether the next face-down card is red or black. If you are correct, you can guess again, doubling your earnings up to three times. If you guess incorrectly, you lose your initial winnings from your spin. Gambling shows you the previous five cards so you can better determine your odds.

Sometimes between games, a set of jackpot cards appear. These cards are arranged by suit, with each suit being a level between one and four. You will see 12 face-down cards and one face-up card. Choose three cards from the face-down options. If all three match the face-up card, you win the amount of credits accumulated between the three cards you had turned over. If you do not match all three, you gain no extra winnings.


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