Multi Dice

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How to play Multi Dice

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Game Description:

Tired of the sea of movie themed and gimmicky online slot games? What happened to traditional minimalist games in the good old days of Vegas gambling? Look no further than the minimalistic Multi Dice slot that stays true to the origins of casinos and classic games. However, don’t let the simplicity of this game fool you, as it still offers all the engagement and excitement of the best games on the market. You will be on the edge of your seat as you bet and win big. The table game appearance further enhances the live casino atmosphere of the screen with its concise green, red and white coloring. In its simplicity, this game is certainly not about the frills, but the excitement of good old serious gambling. Whether you are a avid gambler or just a dabbler in the world, these easy and simple details will help you get started on this traditional slot game.

Return to player: 94.91%.

Game Start:

This established online game’s design represents the best that Casino’s have to offer, while providing exciting opportunities. The three-reel, five pay line design make this game extraordinarily simple and easy to navigate as you bet and play. All five lines of the game are active, which eliminates the complicated task of selecting different pay lines before starting. In this game, you only need to hit start and wait for the reels to spin. You can make the game even more exciting by holding reels after each spin before your next play. This can help you increase your odds and earn even greater winnings. The ease of play in this game makes this one of the best for the new or traditional gambler looking for something easy to navigate.


This game is filled with bright classic fruity symbols that cover the reels, and you need three matching symbols to win. Each fruit is worth a different value and provides increasing wins. Cherries, lemons and oranges provide smaller wins. Plums, bells and grapes provide moderate payouts. Red sevens and watermelons offer larger wins, and stars provide the greatest payouts. To increase excitement, additional symbols offer extra features and large jackpots when they appear. Dice and stopwatches make the game even more exciting. Winning in this game is not a complicated task and only requires basic bets and the simple push of a button.

Multi Dice Feature:

The special symbols in this game offer additional winning opportunities on top of the basic three-symbol win. When scattered dice symbols appear anywhere on the screen, you will have the chance to earn an allotted number of free spins. Once the dice appear, an even larger red die will appear and will determine a given number of free spins from one to six. The greater number of spins comes with greater odds for hitting a winning combination. Stopwatches offer even further excitement. When a stopwatch appears anywhere on the screen, you have hit a cash unlimited feature. At this point, you will have the opportunity to win the number displayed on the fixed stopwatch in the corner of the screen. This is where you really have the opportunity to win big.


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