Mission Atlantis

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How to play Mission Atlantis

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Game Description:

Oryx embarks you on an epic adventure to scour the depths of the ocean in search of a long-lost treasure. This adventure is dubbed as Mission Atlantis with a theoretical RTP of 96.5%. You are welcomed with an immersive intro animation that reels you in the world of Atlantis, which is all about submarines, treasures, and a colorful ocean full of surprises.

How To Play Mission Atlantis Slot Machine:

The high-value symbols consist of the ancient Greek god Poseidon, stacks of coins, mini-submarine, the entry gate, a radar signature, and the lost city of Atlantis itself. Overall, it’s quite a coherent video slot experience, well thought-out in both the visual aspect and the background soundstage. In Mission Atlantis, Oryx has given us a low-medium volatility video game slot. Although conventionally structured with 5 reels and 25 paylines, your search for treasures, real and fictional, does contain some unique twists in the video slot game genre. At any time you can change the number of active pay lines by clicking on one of the bottom buttons. However, the strength of the game does not lie in the default paytables but making use of its bonus features. With that being said, it does offer a balanced play in the long run, as you can win top prizes for only matching two symbols, while lower value symbols will need to be matched in a set of threes. Mission Atlantis is one of those slot games where nothing is super-exploitable, but everything is evened out across the board.

Mission Atlantis Free Spins And Features:

Oryx designed Mission Atlantis as quite intuitive in its structure and how it represents itself. For example, the radar scanner symbol represents the bonus symbol, and if you have at least three of them on the active payline you will trigger the Breakthrough Discovery Bonus. On the other hand, The Eureka symbol is the gateway to your Free Spin bonus. If you land three of them or more, you will get a generous 10 free spins in addition to a x3 multiplier. Furthermore, you can retrigger the free spins as many times as it is possible, which could land you some exceedingly hefty cash bounty.

The submarine symbol is your main asset. The MARV – Mission Atlantis Research Vessel – will enable you to stack up on artifacts, but you will only be able to carry up to five of them. However, during the bonus round, if you are less than satisfied with the prizes, you have the option of choosing another 5 artifacts. This allows you to uncover the pieces that hold the highest prizes. Additionally, if you land 3 radar signature symbols, you are granted a chance for each extra symbol during the bonus round.

Free Play Or Real Money:

Although some would wish for a Stargate version of Atlantis to be explored as a slot game, the classic Mission Atlantis offers a solid Quasar gaming experience. Try the Free Play mode first to get the hang of the massive combo potential lying in the ocean, and with the 50-50 gambling chance, you can double even those massive combos!


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