Mayan Spirit

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How to play Mayan Spirit

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Game Description:

Travel back through time to a period rich in culture and appeal. The Mayan civilization had a long lasting empire, fiercely protected by strong warriors and nourished by academicians. The culture was richly successful as citizens studied mathematics, linguistics, astronomy and architecture. Art from this time period is treasured today. Stories linger today of fierce battles, human sacrifice and the dangers lurking in the Mayan calendar. Embrace the nobility of this civilization as you delve into this slot machine game. Explore the lush jungles of Mayan civilization in this 5-freel video slot with a RTP of 96.05%. As an adventurer, you’ll discover the mysteries of the Mayan Empire and hunt for treasures in the Mayan Spirit slot arcade game. You might take advantage of 40 pay lines, earn free spins, divert to a 50/50 gamble game and walk away with a progressive jackpot. There are plenty of opportunities to score big with this unique twist on the traditional slot game.

Game Start:

The game symbols found in Mayan Spirit reinforce the majesty of this culture with a powerful chief, a compassionate princess, an imposing pyramid, fearsome jaguar and bold toucan. The Mayan calendar is also included as the centerpiece of the game with hieroglyphics and astronomical symbols. The game follows a traditional pattern with some variation. You might choose to play 40 pay lines, 30, 20, 10 or just one. There are plenty of options when it comes to betting per line. Players could risk 1, 2, 5, 10 or 20 credits per each active pay line. If the reels provide any of several different combinations, the player could enjoy attractive line bet multiplier prizes. Add to this excitement, the thrill of the mystery Wild. The Mayan calendar may have caused some concern for people in real life, but in the Mayan Spirit slots game, players will rejoice to see it pop up as a Wild. The calendar can stack for an even better pay out.


The possibility of winning at Mayan Spirit slots promises to attract many players. You might enjoy improved chances of increasing smaller wins by combining them with a gambler game. A jackpot side game gives players the chance to win one of four cumulative totals. Spin four chiefs on a pay line to multiply earnings by 100 or five jaguar symbols to increase winnings by 200. Any scatter or wild symbols will only increase your take home amount.

Mayan Spirit Feature:

Mayan Spirit offers players multiple ways to boost smaller wins. Punters can see their way clear to higher stakes. Good guessing might lead to doubled results. The thrill of risking those winnings makes this game even more popular to some. The promise of increasing the take home amount is sure to attract even beginning players. This beautifully designed slot game provides lots of thrilling spinning action with several side games (such as the gamble game and progressive jackpot) to enhance the experience. Explore the Mayan civilization and become more familiar with this popular period in history as you stake your bets and seek for riches. Mayan Spirit offers both adventure and reward.


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