Mayan Moons

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How to play Mayan Moons

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Game Description:

Mayan Moons sets the tone for a great online slot game using bright colours and an interesting, history based theme that players simply cannot get enough of. The good looks are matched up with the excellent gameplay too, so you know that you’re always in for a treat when you load up these reels. It is genuinely action packed, with a number of great additional features and bonuses to be had and we’ve got all of the details on how to set up the game to your liking, alongside getting the most out of each and every one of the features, in the full playing guide below.

Game Start:

When the game first loads, before you get the reels spinning, you’ll need to decide exactly how much cash you want to place on each spin. This is achieved in the standard Quasar Gaming style of plus and minus buttons. Indeed, the controls on the game will hold no surprises at all for experienced players and you combine your choice of stakes with the number of active win lines, with up to twenty of the latter available. The higher your stake, the more the respective symbols are worth, with all sorts of Mayan themed icons backed up by the playing card symbols that always manage to make an appearance. You can find the precise prize values in the pay table, which updates automatically as your bets change. Then, simply hit the start button or auto start and the reels will start rolling. If you hit the auto play button a second time then the reels will stop and you can make adjustments to your bets or check out the pay table once again.


Mayan Moons also packs in a bonus game that is accessed whenever three moon symbols land on the reels. They don’t even need to match up along one of the twenty win lines as scatter symbols come into play regardless of where they happen to land. The basic premise of the bonus round is free spins, and you’ll be awarded with fifteen to kick things off. However, the slot also packs in something of a unique twist with the fact that when the free spins launch, the moon icons take a spot in the background, remaining wherever they were when the round itself started. You’ll be paid out for all prizes that land in the round as normal, but if a sun icon lands on a moon square then you can also help yourself to an additional cash prize, which is paid together with any wins from the spin itself!

Mayan Moons Feature:

Mayan Moons also incorporates a gamble round, which it is fair to say is something of a mainstay on the Quasar Gaming reels. As always, a winning spin will give players the option to gamble in a fifty-fifty game of chance. There are no limits to what you can win and you can effectively put that prize at stake over and over again if you so wish, or can ignore the option altogether and continue to spin the reels as normal ‘ the choice is yours!

Return – to – player: 95.16%.


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