Magic Jester

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How to play Magic Jester

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How to play Magic Jester:

Left the enchanting sound of the flute music accompany you to court, where you’ll be welcomed by a jolly man in a hat, they call the Magic Jester.

Why they call him that? Well, he’s not your usual fool or trickster – this one, right here, can create magic – it’s a fact.

Just spin through, and you’ll see within a few spins, that he’ll turn single symbols into doubles and triples – making the possibility of landing 5 matching symbols on a winning line that much higher for you!

All the court is so happy they’ve all put joker hats on – the 10s, Js, Qs, Ks, As…all but the bell, the cherry and the watermelon.  Their excuse? They couldn’t find a hat their size!


With Magic Jester your balance starts pumping up as soon as you match 3 of the same symbol on any of the winning lines.  But that’s just the start of it, hit 15 matching symbols on one of the 10 paying patterns and you’re in for a royal treat.

Whenever you land a win, you’ll hear a clock ticking, presenting you with 2 choices.  You can either collect your guaranteed price, or press the Gamble button to make the most of this feature and be in for a chance of doubling up your payout!

Watch out though – if you use the Autoplay feature, the game will automatically collect your winnings and not ask you if you want to double up.  So keep an eye out, you might want to use the Autoplay to avoid clicking your mouse, or pressing space too often, but be alert for any win, so that you can press the Stop button and gamble it for potential juicier wins.

Magic Jester Feature:

Magic Reels Feature:

Every now and then, Magic Jester will shoot in for you a sparkly, reel with an exciting, racey sound which will hold a double or triple symbol for you, instead of a simple single one.  The more doubles and triples, the bigger your chance to win and hear the silver line shoot right across your screen to celebrate your win!

And hey, if that wasn’t already good enough – Magic Jester himself plays as Wild for you, substituting any other symbol and backing you to hit more wins! How can you not love him?

 RTP: 95.07%


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