Lucky Hot

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How to play Lucky Hot

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Game Description:

For any slot players feeling hot and lucky, this is the online game for you. While many slot games are aiming to go bigger, bolder and more complicated than ever before, Lucky Hot keeps things nice and simple. This video slot game has a vintage vibe to it through the use of classic slot machine symbols such as cherries and gold bars. The simplicity is even kept in the sound effects, which are limited to the sound of spinning the reels and fanciful music any time you win. This slot game may not have all the bells and whistles, but it is perfect for anyone looking for a straightforward slot game that is easy to play.

Return to player: 95.32%.

Game Start:

There are five pay lines in this slot game, and they are all very straightforward. You can win when you match up three symbols going directly across, but you can also win if three identical symbols are going diagonally. You can pick how many credits you want to play with, and the values range from five all the way up to 100. If you are happy playing multiple rounds with the same credit amount, then you can go with the Autoplay feature. This will cause the reels to spin until you run out of credits or until you hit the button again to make Autoplay end.


The basic way to win in this game is exactly the same way as most other video slots. You need to match up three of the same symbols on the pay line. Different symbols pay varying amounts. For example, matching up three bells is going to pay the least. The next highest are the orange, lemon, cherry and plum icons. Next are the golden bars followed by the golden stars. The highest paying symbol is lucky number seven. However, you can also vastly increase your winnings if you manage to get nine of a kind. There are only nine spaces on the reels, and if you fill them all up with the same symbol, then you are awarded a multiplier. Getting nine of any of the fruit symbols will give you a 2x multiplier on your win. An additional way to win is to gamble your winnings. After a win, you will be presented with a button labeled “Gamble.” You are given a card and have to guess whether it is black or red. You can double your winnings by making a right guess or lose it all with a wrong one. You can do this as many as five times on the same win, but you do not have to do all five if you do not want to.

Lucky Hot Feature:

The main bonus feature of this slot is the side game called “Jackpot Cards.” This is when you are presented with a bunch of different cards that are all facedown. You select cards until you pick three of the same suit. Once you do that, you are awarded the bonus to the corresponding suit at the top of screen. The only way to enter this bonus feature is completely by chance, so you are just going to have to cross those fingers and hope the slot is kind to you.


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