Lost Island

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How to play Lost Island

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Game Description:

When you just need to get away from it all, you can spend a little time on Lost Island. This video slots game features rich vegetation, prehistoric stylings and a mysterious undertone with a RTP of 96.48%. The symbols feature stone 10s, Js, Ks, As, and Qs, standing for poker cards, and various ancient tribal items. The colors are rich, and the background music is haunting, hinting at the overall theme of intrigue that is this forgotten island.  With some great features and interesting dynamics, Lost Island will allow you to get away from it all and go the island time forgot.

Game Start:

To get going, you will want to choose your bet level. Levels range from one to ten. Increasing this increases the amount you bet, along with how much you can win. Choosing the right level is a matter of finding the right balance to strike it rich. Next, you need to set your coin value. Increments are 0.01, 0.02, 0.05, 0.10, 0.20 and 0.50. As with the bet level, the higher your coin value, the more your bet and the more you can win, so you have to find that balance. You also have a max bet option, which will do an automatic spin at the maximum bet level and coin value. All you have to do is hit the max bet button to spin. Autoplay is also available to let you sit back and watch the action without having to click the spin button for up to 1,000 spins.


If you can match three to five symbols going from left to right, you can win at Lost Island. Match five of the drum symbols and you win big at 350 times your bet. However, that isn’t even the biggest win possibility. There are the strange containers that give you 500 times your bet. You can win on multiple lines, but the highest win on each line wins. This game features wilds, which are shown with the flower symbol. Plus, this game has some great features that will give your winnings a huge boost. It’s easy to follow along with what’s happening because right above the spin button, there is a message line that tells you about any matches you make and announces your winnings. During idle times, it even scrolls helpful messages to let you know possible winnings and special features. It’s fun to watch the board light up with every win and see the message line announce how much you won that round.

Lost Island Feature:

When discussing the features of Lost Island, the most basic is the wild feature. Wild symbols appear randomly, and when they come up, they substitute for any other symbol to make matches. The unique feature of the wilds is they also are a multiplier. Every wild on the board boosts the multiplier meter to multiply your winnings up to 5x. The free spins feature is activated when three or more scatter symbols show on your reels. You get one free wild symbol during the free spin rounds. This means you already have a leg up for a chance to multiply your winnings and become the richest person on Lost Island.


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