Jackpot Crown

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How to play Jackpot Crown

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Game Description:

Jackpot Crown is one of the most recent additions to the highly celebrated range of fruit machines that have been delivered by Quasar Gaming over the years and it offers the excellent mix of a few modern twists alongside the classic gameplay that will have fans of the developer truly salivating. It may look highly similar to many of the games that have come before it and in many ways it is, but as you’ll discover in our full play guide below, this is one slot that has more than a couple of tricks up its sleeve that certainly allow it to keep things interesting! Read on for all the info on making the most of your Jackpot Crown experience each and every time you play!

Game Start:

Before we get into all of the special functions of the game, it is always best to get the basics out of the way and every slot machine worth playing on kicks off with the requirement of placing your bets. The driving factors behind deciding on a bet amount are twofold. First off, you need to make sure that you’re not emptying your bankroll after just a couple of spins ‘ this might be a high paying game but you’ll want to budget for a few spins to get into things before the wins start piling up! Secondly, you want the whole process of the game to be worthwhile, with a shot at prizes that can make a real difference to how you approach the game. The pay table is on hand to demonstrate exactly what each symbol is worth and when clicking through, you’ll be greeted by the familiar sight of all of the lemons, cherries, oranges and other fruits that you’ll no doubt be accustomed to.

Jackpot Crown Feature:

So far, Jackpot Crown seems to be rather similar to the other fruit machine slots out there, but we promised that there was an ace up its sleeve and it’s a big one. Indeed, it is a truly huge one, as this is one of the few fruity slots to incorporate a massive progressive jackpot. As is always the case on Quasar Gaming jackpot games, the size of the jackpot itself is dependent on your stake. After all, players playing for higher amounts would likely be somewhat disappointed if those playing for half as much or even less could take down the jackpot. Nevertheless, even if you’re playing for the minimum bet, the jackpot is always hefty enough to make for a gaming session that you won’t forget in a hurry should you win it.As far as winning the jackpot goes, it all revolves around the one symbol that we have not yet mentioned ‘ the Jackpot Crown itself. It doesn’t appear all that often on its own as you’d expect, but if you manage to line up five in a row on any of the five active win lines then you’ll pick up the full jackpot amount displayed in the top right corner. This can occur during both standard and auto play, so you need not worry about missing out on anything!

Return – to – player: 94.09%.


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