Jack Hammer Touch

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How to play Jack Hammer Touch

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Game Description:

Evil scientists, car chases, detectives, and a battle of good versus evil is awaiting you in Jack Hammer, a game with a unique comic-book style that preserves everything you like about the typical 5 reel, 3 row gaming system while adding something new to the world of slot machine gaming. With 25 bet lines, this game can be a little complicated, but the intuitive setup and the available information can ensure that this game is fun for both new players who’ve never touched a slot machine game before, and those who’ve played them all already. The stunning images serving as your symbols and the simple sounds of the game make this experience like no other, and work alongside a few special features in order to bring you a truly outstanding gaming experience.


Game Start:

Because the controls and basic setup of Jack Hammer are almost identical to other slot machine games, anyone who has played this type of game before should have an easy enough time getting the game going. Simply change your coin values, bet lines, bet levels and other settings with the arrows or sliders beside the appropriate windows in order to completely customize your gameplay experience. Line the symbols up along specified bet lines in order to get your winnings and fill your virtual pockets up all over again. While the reels spin, keep an eye out for the explosive wild symbol, which can stand in for any of the other symbols on the board, or the free spins symbol. Get three of these on your reels at the same time and get awarded free spins. These work in conjunction with other special features to make your game a truly fantastic experience.


Winnings are why you play Jack Hammer and other slot machine games, so understanding how they work is imperative to ensuring you’re getting all your coins back – and more! This information is determined by coin value, bet level and other variables that can be found in the paytable section of the screen. Wild cards, aside from making wins easier, also maximize your winnings on that bet line, meaning you get more, while free spins can add up over the next few reel rotations to make your winnings enormous. Overall, all you need to do is keep an eye on your symbols and let them fall where they may.

Jack Hammer Touch Feature:

Every slot-based game needs a special feature to help it stand apart from the rest, and for Jack Hammer, this is achieved by the Stick Win feature. When you get a winning bet line of 3 or more free spin symbols on your reel on the same spin. Winning bet lines are stuck in place while the reel is spun again and again, increasing your chances of getting a huge win opportunity. As long as you’re getting wins, the sticky win feature will continue. When it does end, you’re sure to have a huge pile of coins waiting for you to redeem. This feature helps to make the already unique comic-based adventure slot machine game truly an experience like no other out there.

Return – to – player:  96.96%.


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