Hot Chance

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How to play Hot Chance

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Game Description:

Hot Chance is best regarded among slots players for taking the fruit theme that makes its way onto so many different Quasar Gaming slots and taking it to the next level with an unusual bonus round that can be worth its weight in gold. It all adds up to a great mix of traditional action and innovation that offers the kind of excitement that no player would ever take for granted! Fortunately, it is also immensely playable and even if you’ve never had the pleasure of enjoying the game before, you’re certainly in luck here as we’ve got not only the game itself, but also full and thorough instructions on exactly how to get the best out of all of the action, making you a winning player in no time!

Game Start:

Your first port of call when entering the main screen on Hot Chance is to decide exactly how much you want to bet on the game itself. Like all slots, the more you bet, the more you stand to win and the values of the various symbol combinations will improve linearly as your credit bet increases. Simply hit the plus and minus symbols by the coin bet area to adjust it to suit your requirements. The key difference between Hot Chance and most of Quasar Gaming’s other fruit themed slots is that there are only three reels in view. This makes the bets required to get the reels rolling smaller, or you could alternatively bump them up, knowing that the right combinations of symbols are never far away! The aim of the game is to land three matching fruits on each reel and you have various familiar icons to choose from, including cherries, lemons and the X symbol which makes frequent appearances as the lowest value icon ‘ although in this game it is certainly worth spinning in whenever possible. To get the reels to land properly and award prizes, you will of course need to spin the reels, and you have a choice of standard play, where you hit the start button, or auto play, which will keep the reels spinning and the prizes coming until you either run out of credits or hit the bonus round.


Speaking of the bonus round, it is highly interesting, potentially lucrative and far more advanced and entertaining than the appearance of only three reels suggests. To reach the Hot Chance feature, you’ll need to completely fill the screen with a single fruit, with a choice of lemons, oranges, plums or cherries. This is made possible by the fact that each of these icons comes in stacks of three, and when you hit them all you’re whisked away to the second screen bonus game. There, you’ll encounter a wheel of fortune style game, with the option to go up or collect. Simply spin the wheel and if you land on an ‘up’ icon, you’ll progress to the next prize tier, where you can double your winnings. Land successfully again and the prize is quadrupled and so on until it can be worth a massive eight times the original value. The best thing about this bonus is that you simply can’t leave a loser ‘ even if the first spin fails you, a healthy credit amount is still yours for the taking.

Hot Chance Feature:

Everyone likes the opportunity for an additional gamble and players of Hot Chance are no different. Simply land a winning spin on the reels and you’ll be given the opportunity to gamble the prize amount on the turn of a card in an effort to double it. Win and you can see how long your luck holds out by gambling again and again!

Return – to – player: 95.17%.


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