Happy Farm Scratch

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How to play Happy Farm Scratch

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Game Description:

For scratch card action with more than its fair dose of fun, you need look no further than the Happy Farm Scratch game. Bold colours, great graphics and all of the fast paced action that scratch cards entail are all present and correct here, leading to some great fun and often huge wins! Scratch cards are perfect for novice and experienced players alike as the action is uncomplicated and more about entertainment than anything else, although if you’d like to see exactly what the game is all about then you can do just that by checking out our quick start guide below.

Return to player: 95%.

Game Start:

Luck plays a huge part in any scratch card game and Happy Farm Scratch is no different, although streaks are certainly possible and the chances of winning are always on display. This helps when selecting your stake as you have a fair idea of how many cards it will take in order to hit a winner and allows players to ensure that their bankroll keeps them afloat until the big wins start rolling in.Purchasing a card is simply a case of selecting a stake and then hitting the take card button. The stake itself is of further importance as all of the potential prizes on the game are calculated as a multiple of that cash amount.


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