Golden X Casino

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How to play Golden X Casino

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Game Description:

Want to see a real dinosaur? You’ve come to the right place then: Golden X Casino from Quasar Gaming must have been created no later than prehistoric times, a valuable addition to our collection proving that retro will never go out of style. This 4-reeled baby hardly even looks like a slot – a 1930s’ radio would be a more accurate comparison – but it’s all about that feel here, the sort of ambience that will easily make you go for much more than just a couple of spins. Feel free to try it out, but please be most careful as this is a very rare and valuable specimen.

Return to player: 95%.

Game Start:

The only thing you have to do prior to spinning those 4 little reels is setting up your total bet per round, and since there is nothing else to set up, the winning potential of the game is always the same and always at its highest. The bet is set up with the help of two little “+” and “-” buttons in the bottom part of the screen; the current amount at stake is shown in the small window between the buttons. The bet amount directly affects the size of potential winnings – to see exactly how much you can win, take a peek into the paytable and play around with the buttons to see how the numbers will change. Once satisfied, hit “Start” or “Autoplay” and put your luck to a test.


There are no win lines in this wonderful slot – all wins pay adjacent, so your goal is to land is to land either 3 or 4 identical symbols in a row from left to right anywhere on the reels. As to the symbols themselves, you will find yourself in a most juicy and classical company, surrounded by anything from cherries to stars, BARs and bells. The 3-of-a-kind combinations can be worth between 1 and 20 times your bet, and the 4-of-a-kind ones will pay out a minimum of 4 current bets. Now, the most valuable combination – 4 golden bells – will grant you a prize worth as much as 100 times your bet!


Every symbol in the game may appear with an attached silver or golden disk. If you land 3 ‘silver’ symbols in an adjacent position, you will enter a bonus round featuring a wheel of fortune. Stop the wheel and have your current bet multiplied by the number locked below the silver arrow! Of course, the resulting amount will be paid out to you like any regular prize. If, in turn, you manage to land 3 ‘silver’ symbols plus a ‘golden’ one in a row, you will have to deal with two wheels of fortune, the ‘golden’ one having much greater multiplier values. And finally, whenever you’re not quite satisfied with the amount won or simply want to push your luck a bit further, you may use the regular gamble feature by choosing between red and black with 50:50 odds of doubling your prize.


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