Go Bananas

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How to play Go Bananas

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What is Go Bananas - Game description:

From moment the game starts, you’ll know Go Bananas is going to be something completely different. The African music provides cool beats that take you deep into the jungle to a treehouse where you’ll frolic with some silly and playful monkeys. Your five reels are stacked with three rows and filled with colorful symbols of fruit, gold statutes, gems, money stacks and even banana splits, among other symbols. The sound effects are great, too. As the reels begin to roll, you get an upbeat, African inspired tune. The background sounds are just what you’d expect from a jungle area. When the reels stop, you get a sound that mimics a coconut falling to the ground. It’s all very cute and great fun. It’s animated wild monkey’s also add to the overall excitement of this video slots game that engages you more than any other you’ve likely played.

Return to player: 96.91%.

How Go Bananas works:

Getting started with Go Bananas is not too difficult. You just set your bet level and coins, then click the spin button. This is where the real fun begins. The colors are eye grabbing, the sounds fun, but the wild monkeys are where it becomes clear that this isn’t your grandma’s games of slots. There are five different wild monkey symbols. They each have their own personalities and celebrate your win in their own way, like the grumpy ape pounding across the screen when he’s the wild card that comes up or the little guy with cymbals who plays his heart out for your success. You’ll not be able to stop from laughing at their silly antics. Keep your eyes peeled (no pun intended) for these crazy guys as you play.

Features Go Bananas:

The set up for the game is fairly straightforward and likely what you’ve seen with other video slots. Once you’ve set your information and press the spin button, you just wait for a match to show up. You need three or more matching symbols in a row starting from the left going right. It’s really the wild cards that make this game stand out, though. There are five different wild cards, each is represented by a different monkey-gorilla, baboon, langur, tarsier and orangutan. Unlike other video slots where wild cards can only show in specific reels, you’ll never know where any of these guys may pop up because they are in play on every reel. You can get multiple wilds in one win, which gives your winnings a boost. In addition to being able to stand in for any other symbol and boosting your winnings, these wild monkeys also turn other cards into wilds, which increases your win chances even more to score big. The big jackpot is 140,000 coins, so it’s good to see these guys show up and give you a little help. There is an autoplay options that will allow you to play at your settings for your choice of rounds automatically without having to press the spin button. However, make sure you don’t take your attention away from the zany monkey fun that is sure to ensure should you make a match and get a win with one of those wild monkeys.


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