Glow Touch

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How to play Glow Touch

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Game Description:

As the name implies, Glow is all about shining brightly. In a mystical setting among the stars, you’ll explore the Northern Lights and animal spirits as you head for a nice pay out. The blues, pinks and purples that light up the screen’s background landscape scene are soothing to the mind and soul. It makes for a great way to relax, sit back and have a little fun in your down time. Rustic symbols and lettering make up your five game reels and three rows, while soothing nature sounds and lyrical music will help you destress. It is truly a unique experience unlike any other that you have ever had when playing video slots.

Game Start:

You’ll notice the pastels set on a natural scene background right away because they are so gentle and don’t assault the eyes like so many casino inspired games tend to do. The symbols you’ll be working with are a mixture of runic-style animals, foxes, rabbits, wolves, moose and owls, along with card suit symbols done in a masterful and artistic way. Starting the game is simple. You just have to make your bet, and set your level and coin value. Once that is done, you hit the spin button and get playing. There is an autoplay option that allows you to sit back and enjoy the otherworldly soundtrack as you rack up the coins. There are 10 levels and a range of coin values you can use.


The biggest jackpot available is 94,600 coins. Free spins and wilds are in play during this game. To win, you have to get three or more symbols in a row going left to right. If you get three or more animals-they don’t have to match-in a row, you can earn up to five free spins. When it comes to free spins, they are played at the same settings as the game in which they were won. They will continue as long as you earn a free spin, which will happen when you get a free spin winning combination as mentioned. They activate the 2x multiplier, paying you double on all wins. The bear is the wild symbol. You’ll easily recognize him because he is more ornate than the other animals. When you get a wild, it activates the 2x multiplier. A wild can be substituted for all other symbols. It only shows on reels two, three and four. You also only get one multiplier per line even if you get more than one wild. However, simultaneous wins on different lines are recognized.

Glow Touch Feature:

While the game play for Glow is pretty basic and offers nothing truly new or unique, the overall game design is what stands out and makes this a one-of-a-kind game. The laid-back music and the soft, welcoming colors work together with the muted sound effects to create an aura of relaxation. If you play to unwind, then this is the game for you, or if you simply are looking for something away from all the flash and noise, then this is the game for you. It is simply breathtaking the minute the game loads and remains so throughout game play.

Return – to – player: 96.71%.


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