Gemstone Jackpot

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How to play Gemstone Jackpot

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Game Description:

If you’re looking for a simpler, brighter experience when it comes to online slot machine gaming, then Gemstone Jackpot might be the perfect game for you. Whether you’re an old pro at the reels or are just stepping into the experience for the first time, you’re sure to enjoy the glistening yet simple graphics and sounds as you spin the wheel and produce some serious winnings for you. However, keep in mind – this game isn’t just your average 5 reel, 3 row slot machine game. This particular game gains and subtracts a few features to make the entire process smoother, richer and more convenient overall, making it perfect for newcomers and experienced players alike and providing a challenging source of fun for all.

Return to player: 95.08%.

Game Start:

Getting your game started is a simple process that doesn’t really differ from your average online slot machine game. When you boot up Gemstone Jackpot, you’ll be prompted to pay into the game. The amount you select is essentially how many credits you’ll be facing the game ahead with. The higher the number you choose, the more you’ll be able to win or lose as you spin the reels. The first thing you’ll want to do after selecting your amounts is to visit the paytable sheet, which can teach you a bit more about the values of the gem symbols, which can help you ensure you’re getting the biggest wins possible throughout your gaming experience. The other blue symbol marked “More Info” can teach you even more about the game at hand and offers you a more firm grasp of the experience at hand. The autoplay option, the green button at the far bottom left of your screen, allows you to spin the shimmering gems a set number of times with your current values. This makes the game easier to play, and can rack up the wins more quickly than ever before.


Once you’ve become familiar with the game, it’s time to worry about how to get the most winnings possible out of the Gemstone Jackpot experience. By and large, the system is fairly straightforward – the more you gamble on each spin, the more you’re likely to gain or lose in return. In this particular game, you’ll be focusing on creating reels full of green, red, yellow, blue, magenta or orange gems, or perhaps even diamonds. Each one of these symbols has its own value when it comes to getting a win, with diamonds being the absolute highest win amount possible and orange the lowest.

Gemstone Jackpot Feature:

The biggest feature in this game is what sets it apart from other slot machine games online and makes it a truly memorable experience. Namely, it’s the game’s ability to keep winning combinations locked while they spin. This way, you’re likely to gain more, bigger wins as you continue playing. Fill up your entire screen with a gem set of the same color to really rake in the winnings. This is a bonus that comes each time you get a winning spin on any of the 10 bet lines, and can continue if you continue to improve on the win in question with each and every spin.


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