Fruits’n Royals™

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How to play Fruits’n Royals™

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Game Description:

Fruits’n Royals by Quasar Gaming brings together classic fruit based slots action and some great fast paced gameplay with RTP of 95.66%. The company has cranked out plenty of fruit and regal themed games over the years, so you know that when they put both together in one tidy package then they’re on to something good and this game has proven to be a popular choice over the years. Generous prizes and a style of play that is easy to pick up have ensured that players have been coming back for more and whether you want to play the game for the first time or are simply enjoying the fact that it is now available online, we’ve got absolutely all of the details on how to play and what to expect from the features.

Game Start:

As noted above, getting started on Fruits’n Royals could not be simpler and in fairness, it doesn’t really get much more complicated from there! The basic layout will be familiar to many players, with the developer opting for five reels of action and three rows, with a five line betting system that enables your stakes to remain low cost and easy to track. We’ll also give special mention to the looks on the game as we definitely appreciate the level of detail that has gone into all of the icons and while the action itself has been kept simple, it really is a pleasure to look at.As always, bets are chosen per line, so whatever your line bet is will be multiplied by five to represent your total spin stake. Then, it is simply a case of spinning the reels and aiming to match up as many of the great symbols as possible, with three in a row of any of the unsurprisingly fruity and royalty based icons leading to a win.

Fruits'n Royals Feature:

While there are no conventional bonus rounds on Fruits’n Royals, meaning no free spins or pick me bonuses, players can still sink their teeth into an additional feature that is something of a mainstay on Quasar Gaming slots. That is, of course, the gamble round, where any prize can be doubled, quadrupled or increased even further if your luck is in. As always on this type of slot, you have a genuine fifty-fifty chance of increasing that prize, so whether you’ve landed three lemons or five crowns, you have a shot at a great bankroll boost.


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