Fruit Drops

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How to play Fruit Drops

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Game Description:

Prepare to face the good old fruit action taken to a whole new level with Novoline’s Fruit Drops – probably the juiciest slot machine to land on the grounds of our casino. The only mistake the developers made while designing this contraption was not putting a huge warning sign on it, saying something like “CAUTION: STICKY FINGERS ALERT!” In all seriousness, given the amount of juicy madness you are going to face on the reels, you will have a hard time washing your hands after the gaming session. Please note that we are not going to reimburse you for your soap expenses since you have been warned. Play at your own risk!

Game Start:

The ten win lines spanning across 5 reels are always in play by default, so the winning potential of the slot is always at its highest. Moreover, it means that the only thing you have to adjust while placing your bets is the total amount of bet per round. This is easily done with the help of two “+” and “-” buttons in the bottom part of the screen just below the reels. Your potential prizes are directly proportional to the size of your bet – to find the right balance between the stakes and the winnings, open up the paytable which will show you the prizes of all lucky combinations depending on the current bet. Once harmony is achieved, hit “Start” or “Autoplay” and prepare for your fingers to get really sticky.


5 reels = 5 symbols on a win line in a row, that’s the formula for the best result of a single spin on any 5-reel slot machine. However, for a decent payout in Fruit Drops you don’t necessarily have to obey this rule thanks to the Lock & Drop feature. Basically, whenever you land at least 3 identical symbols on a win line in a row, your combination firmly locks in its place, while all the other fruits get mercilessly squashed and replaced by whatever may drop from above – hence the name “Fruit Drops.” This happens at no extra cost and may well result in further combinations which also lock in place for the whole process to repeat until no more winning combinations land on the reels. This function greatly enhances the winning potential of the game and can literally make you rich in a single spin – just keep calm and have a tiny bit of patience.


Say, even after the Lock & Drop feature has done its job you are still not quite satisfied with the amount won… Well, then it’s the perfect time to stake your prize in a fair game of chance. It’s double or nothing: just hit the Gamble button and try to guess the colour of a face-down playing card. The prize can be doubled multiple times – as long as your guesses are correct – but once you’re wrong, all is lost. But even if you do lose it all, no worries – after all, it’s only a game.


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