Fruit Cocktail

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How to play Fruit Cocktail

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Game Description:

This fruit themed slot machine was created by Igrosoft and is offered as a free online game. Fruit Cocktail is an easy slot machine to figure out, with its nine paylines and five reels and with a RTP of 94.39%. Even a beginner will be able to jump right in and play.  This slot has risk games that can be played after each winning bet and bonus games that you activate under certain circumstances. Every bonus game allows you to earn more credits towards your bet.

Game Start:

In order to start playing Fruit Cocktail, you must deposit 1,000 credits into your account. You will be able to use those credits to bet on up to nine lines, and each line has its own amount of credits that will count as your bet. The lines you can select are one, three, five, seven, and nine. The minimum bet you can place is one credit and the maximum bet you can make is 225 credits. This slot machine game reads combinations from left to right, but on the outer reels, it reads the combination in reverse order. Just like other slot machines, you will need to set your bet and press the start button before the slots will start spinning.  If you are looking for the payout table or a description of the game, click the help button.


When you are playing Fruit Cocktail, you will see various fruit symbols that offer different amounts of credits. There is also a wild symbol that can be used with other images to increase your chances of getting a huge payout. The payouts vary for each fruit and the number that appears in the lineup. For example, a row of three cherries will get you two credits, and a row of five apricots will be worth 20 credits. The colorful game title also acts as a symbol, and if you get three or more of them in one line, you will earn between 200 and 5000 credits. The bonus game is activated when the player gets three or more strawberries in a row.

Fruit Cocktail Feature:

This online video slot offers two different features while playing – risk games and bonus games. Risk games can be played after each winning bet. All you have to do is click the double button to start playing. There will be five cards dealt, and the dealer will flip one of them. You must choose from the remaining four cards, and whoever has the higher card wins. If you would like to stop the risk game from taking your winning bet, hit the start button to activate the slots. If you have a combination of three or more strawberries, you will be brought to the bonus game. In the bonus game, you will see three slot reels with symbols on them. A frame will appear around the screen, and a highlighted square will start rotating around the edge until it stops on a random symbol. If the highlighted symbol matches one of the symbols in the center reels, your earning are multiplied by the symbol payout. You are only allowed a total of three bonus games depending on the number of strawberries you had in the combination.


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