Frogs Fairy Tale

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How to play Frogs Fairy Tale

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Game Description:

Leap into the world of slot machine gaming with Frogs Fairy Tale, a 5 reel, 3 row gaming experience that holds onto everything you love about this genre of games while providing a much-needed twist to make it more engaging and fun than ever before. This game comes with a unique set of story-based graphics to really draw you into a world of magic while you enjoy the experience, and offers you a huge chance at embracing fun while you rack up the winnings. Coins, gems, castles and more are waiting to get you some serious winnings when you line them up along the appropriate bet lines, of which there are an astounding 20 in this particular game. Whether you’re just looking for a little fun or are perhaps looking to add a bit of coins to your own purse, Frogs Fairy Tale is perfect for your gaming needs, regardless of your previous experience level with this type of game.

Game Start:

Regardless of how much experience you have or lack with slot machine games, Frogs Fairy Tale is simple when it comes to getting started, and has an intuitive setup that any player can figure out with ease. When you first load the game, you’ll be opted to select a number. This essentially serves as your coin value, and will affect how much you stand to win or lose each and every round. From there, you can adjust your bet at the bottom of the screen easily by using the blue plus and minus buttons flanking either side of the number there. Again, this can help to raise the amount you win or lose with each spin. The autoplay option is available for those looking for a more convenient experience. This spins the reels a set number of times with your current settings. The Paytable is where you’ll want to go to become a bit more familiar with the symbols and values you’ll be playing with when you settle down with this particular slot machine game. Getting to know the castles, gems and coins a bit better can help you be sure you’re doing everything right to get the most winnings possible with each and every spin.


While you may just be playing Frogs Fairy Tale for fun, your winnings are always important. Therefore, knowing a bit about how to maximize them can never hurt your chances and gameplay experience. For example, the wild card – in this case a kingly portrait of the frog himself – increases your chances of spinning a win by standing in for any other symbol on the board, with the exception of the bonus symbol, which simple exists to get you more coins, more often as you play.

Frogs Fairy Tale Feature:

The most prominent feature that sets Frogs Fairy Tale apart from other online slot machine games is the fly-catching multiplier feature. As your reels spin, the frog at the top of the screen will capture some flies. For each one captured, your multiplier will go up by one. When you spin a win, your total winnings will be multiplied by the number shown on the multiplier, which reflects the number of flies captured.

Return – to – player: 94.45%.


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