Flowers Christmas Edition

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How to play Flowers Christmas Edition

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Game Description:

Embracing the Christmas spirit while doing what you love has never been easier than it is when you pick up Flowers Christmas Edition, the slot reel that takes your favorite reel game and adds an extra bit of cheer. This 5 reel, 3 row game system is simple enough for newcomers to pick up and enjoy, but can be challenging enough for experienced players to have the sort of fun and risk they’ve come to expect from games of this high caliber. This simple yet engaging experience is paired with happy, bubbly imagery and upbeat sounds to make the game not only enjoyable, but truly relaxing, giving players the perfect opportunity to unwind while spinning the reel.

Return to player: 96.32%.

Game Start:

As one of the most loved virtual slot games out there, Flowers Christmas Edition has many of the same basic functions as the majority of other applications in this genre. Set your bet level, choose from bet lines and set your coin value using the intuitive buttons at the bottom of the screen, then give the big, round spin button a click to get things moving. However, this game has a few great features that set it apart from others in this group. For example, when you’re watching the friendly flower and Christmas symbols fly by, you’re likely to land a wild symbol. This can stand in for any other symbol on the reel, and increases your chances of winning tremendously. From the gingerbread cookie and flower graphics to some of the more special features this game has to offer, you’re sure to have an excellent time when you click that spin button.


No need to weed out information to find out how your winnings are calculated when playing this reel game. Flowers Christmas Edition uses a paytable like any other to determine how much you’re winning. Your chances can be maximized with the help of the Snowflake sporting the seasonal Santa hat, which serves as a wild card in this particular game. Free spins are also available in the form of looming snow clouds, which can help you really rack up the winnings while playing. Finally, if there are two of any flower or other character on your symbol, you’ve got a double symbol, which is what sets this game apart from the rest and really gets you the winnings you want.

Flowers Christmas Edition Feature:

The unique feature of this game is the double symbol, an image that sports two flowers, clouds, snowflakes or other jolly little sign on your reel. They could as 2 of the regular single symbols, which can add the amount of winning symbols to your bet line in order to give your winnings a huge boost. However, these symbols only appear on reels 2, 3, and 4, which is something you should definitely keep in mind while building your strategy. This, alongside the use of wild card symbols and free spins, which can appear at random all across the reel, serve to make your gameplay experience more fun overall, and can increase your winnings enormously if you play your cards – or your reels – right.


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