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How to play EggOMatic

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Game Description:

Are you ready to take a journey inside a fun and whimsical egg factory? Egg production is down until the fabulous new EggOMatic is invented by the factory’s rooster. You can enjoy the fun antics of the robot chickens and the high-tech EggOMatic in this online slot game featuring five reels, three rows, and unique Feature Eggs with a RTP of 96.48%. Crack open even more fun by betting on one or more of the twenty possible winning lines. With four different kinds of eggs that the EggOMatic produces, you can enjoy the thrill of seeing which egg rolls onto the conveyor belt next. Every type of egg hatches fantastic prizes. Read on to learn the details of the game and get ready to earn significant winnings.

Game Start:

EggOMatic takes the traditional spinning fun of a slot machine and adds a betting option. You can change the amount you bet per spin as well as the actual monetary value of the virtual coins. The controls include right and left arrows to change the coin value or you can use the Max Bet button to quickly up your gamble to the top allowed amount. There’s also an Auto Play option for those that prefer a quicker version of the game. You can choose how many spins each Auto Play game will include from 10 all the way to 1,000. If you want more control while still taking advantage of the efficiency of Auto Play, simply change the Advanced Auto Play controls to adjust for your preference, such as stopping when Free Spins are earned or when your cash value reaches a specific amount. During each round, the reels spin and the EggOMatic ejects a Feature Egg onto the conveyor belt above the reels. The belt moves the Feature Eggs one place to the left during each spin. Raising the current bet level removes the eggs on the conveyor belt for a fresh start.


Like all slot games, winning are calculated based on lining up like symbols. In EggOMatic, those symbols are adorable robot chickens. Lower level chickens pay smaller amounts while the five special chickens yield larger prizes. Wild symbols can take the place of any chicken so when you have one on the board chances are you’ll be in for a match and a large coin payout. Additionally, when a Feature Egg ends up above a Wild symbol, you earn additional rewards such as bonus coin payouts or Free Spins.

EggOMatic Feature:


The game action centers around the EggOMatic which produces four different feature eggs: Spreading Wild eggs, Coin Win eggs, Free Spin eggs, and Surprise eggs. A Spreading Wild egg changes all adjacent and diagonal symbols to Wilds which are always used to create the highest possible payout. Free Spin eggs come in different denominations and activate when they end up directly above a Wild. Coin Win eggs also activate when over a Wild and give you bonus coins in the amount written on the egg. Surprise Eggs are the most exciting as they can contain any of the other Feature Eggs and you don’t find out the details until your Surprise Eggs ends up above a Wild symbol and cracks open to reveal the prize.


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