Creature From The Black Lagoon

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How to play Creature From The Black Lagoon

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Game Description:

If you’re not a fan of “moldy oldie” horror flicks, you might be after playing this video slot game, Creature from the Black Lagoon,™ by NetEnt. Like the movie monster itself, who reaches out to grab you in the game’s introduction clip, this game will grab you and take you on a thrilling, chilling, fun ride that you won’t want to end. Working with Universal Pictures, the game makers set the scene with jungle and lagoon graphics and background music from the film. The symbols are characters from the movie, redrawn as cartoons. You’ll find Kay, Carl, Lucas and David, along with a hunting knife, oxygen tank, vintage camera and binoculars. Even the Creature, a prehistoric, part-human, part-fish beast with dark intentions, makes an appearance.

Game Start:

The game features five reels and three rows, so you have multiple chances to win―20 of them with each spin. Increasing your odds are wild symbols that randomly appear on the reels and substitute for all symbols except for free spin and target symbols. The Creature arrives with the free spin to seize Kay and drag her to his underwater hideout. But don’t worry, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to rescue the fair scientist. When the target symbol appears at the same time as the Creature symbol, the beast is shot. The more targets you collect, the sicker the Creature becomes and the rewards grow bigger, too. Once you collect the maximum number of targets, you’ll receive 10 free spins.


With 20 betting lines, there are 1-10 bet levels with different coin values. You control the bet level for each line in each spin, and the more you bet, the bigger the reward when you hit a winning reel. Only the highest win per line is paid, however and all winning lines are added to the total win for that spin. If you land a re-spin in any line, any winnings from the re-spin will be added to the total from the original spin. When a wild symbol shows on a spin reel, whether it’s in the main game or in free spins, it acts like a sticky wild and stays on the reel for the following re-spins. Don’t worry about keeping all of this straight―you can click on the symbols any time for a refresher on how it works. And the game keeps track of all winnings, showing you a running total. If you like your action fast, you can choose auto play and select the number of spins to play in this mode.

Creature From The Black Lagoon Feature:

You can play this game just for fun or play it to win cash. Creature from the Black Lagoon™ has a health meter in the lower right corner that shows the Creature’s status (remember, if you get a target symbol and a Creature/re-spin symbol in the same spin, the Creature is shot). As more and more hits are made to the Creature, the game rewards you with a new level of play. Those new levels are where you want to be, as they unlock more and more wild cards the higher you go, and that means bigger winnings for you.

Return – to – player: 96.47%.


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