Cosmic Fortune

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How to play Cosmic Fortune

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Game Description:

Just the classical intro of Cosmic Fortune is enough to take most players back to another era of gaming, where lines were simpler, smoother and simply somehow better. However, this slot really game has much more to offer than even the classics. Nostalgic graphics and sound meet excellent gameplay and a huge number of features in order to bring you the best possible gaming experience right at your desk or phone. 5 reels, 3 rows and 15 line video slots will keep you interested in this game as it cranks out the winnings each time you spin a real success. Choose between 15 bet lines, 10 bet levels and different coin values in order to ensure you’re having an experience that’s custom-tailored to you and your slot machine gaming needs.

Return to player: 96.9%.

Game Start:

Cosmic Fortune embraces its classic, simplistic feel by providing a basic gameplay experience for spinners of all ages and experience levels. 15 bet lines make choosing options easier than before. Simply use the plus and minus icons around this feature in order to select how much you’re willing to put on the line. Use the slider or identical icons on the bet level and coin value settings in order to increase the amount of winnings you’re hoping to earn, and the risks you’re willing to take. The icons take on the image of iconic figures like aliens and rockets to really ensure that this gaming experience is simply out of this world. Furthermore, many of the symbols have certain benefits, and can help you to achieve some of the many built-in features that make this game so unique. The max bet and autoplay options are there for the convenience of both newbies and old pros. Choosing max bet automatically changes the settings in order to get you the highest possible odds, and autoplay spins the slots a set number of times with your current bet level and coin value in mind.


Aside from simply calculating your winnings, Cosmic Fortune provides you with several other means of maximizing the amount you win on a successful spin. Bonus games like Free Fall and Avalanche really scrape in the amount of coins that crank out when you line up the symbols. The Wild symbol, however, is perhaps your best friend when you press the spin button. These symbols, when lines up correctly, provide you with the highest possible payout. They can substitute any other symbol on the board, making your likelihood of success much higher than ever before. Your winnings are the most important part of your gaming experience, so having benefits like these can make this game seriously magnificent.

Cosmic Fortune Feature:

The Avalanche feature is a unique in-game experience that truly sets Cosmic Fortune apart from the rest. These symbols will simply fall onto the reel instead of spinning. A winning bet line starts an avalanche, and all resulting winning combinations result in yet another galactic landslide that increase your potential for winning even more. Pair this with jackpot games and Free Fall, which enhance your game in their own outstanding ways, in order to understand why this is one of the most played, most well-loved slot games out there.


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