Clockwork Oranges

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How to play Clockwork Oranges

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Game Description:

The gaming geniuses at Quasar Gaming’s sub-company Empire Games Limited have created one of the hottest and juiciest slots to hit the cyber casino world with a RTP of 95.07%. While the casino version of this game was known to be low value, they have really cranked things up with the high-paying online version. Clockwork Oranges is jam-packed with premium symbols, wild symbols and bonuses. If you like a fast-paced, thrill ride adventure out of your slot games, this one will not disappoint. The game features a lot of twists and extras to keep veteran gamers on their toes, but it’s simple enough for beginners to enjoy as well. Unlike most online slot games, where the base game can be boring and repetitive, the premium symbols make Clockwork Oranges a thrill from the second you start playing.

Game Start:

This game is easy to learn but leaves a lot of room for growth. Clockwork Oranges features the standard 5 reels and a whopping 20 playlines, significantly upping your odds of hitting the jackpot. Plain and simple, your goal is to get five matching symbols along any of the win lines, from left to right. The addition of “Wild” symbols give your chances a winning a nice little boost. An orange in lines 1, 3 and 5 triggers the bonus feature where you can control the winnings clock. To get started, the game randomly decides how many hands you get to play with. The clock hands on the side move along the 12 fruit symbols. When they come to a stop, the symbols they are pointing to will light up on the display reel. If three matching symbols light up, you win a multiplier. With the increased odds of winnings and all the extra features, the fun begins from the second you hit “Start”.


Clockwork Oranges is one of the highest paying online slot games on the market. If that’s not a reason to start spinning, what is! You are off to a great start with 5 reels and 20 playlines, then the wild cards boost your odds of winning to over $5000 if you are betting with $5 coins. Even placing the minimum bet of 2 cents can win you up to $100 per spin. Don’t forget to factor in the chance to win a multiplier. However, the big money comes in the bonus game. Each clock hand greatly increases not only your odds of winning, but the amount of winnings as well. One hand gives you up to 100 times more winnings, two hands up to 120 times more, and three hands skyrockets you to up to 250 times the winning based on your initial bet. But, watch out. The hands can also decrease your odds.

Clockwork Oranges Feature:

The bonus feature in Clockwork Oranges is what truly makes this game stand out from the rest. With more hands lighting up more symbols, your chances of winning big soar in the bonus game. The super feature can be activated anytime during the bonus game when 3 oranges light up. Once you’ve reached this point, the hands will move systematically from fruit symbol to fruit symbol, lighting up as many symbols as possible. More symbols lit up means more chances to win. At the end of the feature all your wins will be totaled and added to your balance.


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