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How to play Cleopatra

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What is Cleopatra - Game description:

The slot machines you find in a traditional casino were used as inspiration when developing the Cleopatra video slots game. In many areas of the world, you can still seem them set up in classy casinos for those who like the vintage feel of the original slot. The only update for the online version is a transition from three reels to five. The creators of this game also added a touch feature, allowing the player to interact with the game. This video slot theme is based on the Egyptian Queen Cleopatra, a mysterious and courageous female icon. The Egyptian culture is used to represent the symbols you see on the reels during gameplay. With five reels and 20 unique paylines, Cleopatra offers a variety of enchanting combinations that will make the rivers of the Nile overflow with wealth and riches. You will even hear her seductive voice calling you to the palace to collect your gold.

How Cleopatra works:

In order to start playing Cleopatra, you will need to apply credits to your account and select a wager amount. This total is calculated based on you bet per line, so pay attention to how many paylines you choose to keep active. With fewer paylines, you can play a leisurely game without worrying about high stakes, but more paylines will essentially up your chances of bringing home the jackpot. There are plenty of lineups that will increase your winnings and make you feel like an archeologist amidst the pyramids. The game also includes two special icons that will skyrocket your chance of getting more credits.

Features Cleopatra:

The games symbols are modeled after a range of Egyptian influences, such as the ancient hieroglyphics used to depict the history of Cleopatra. One recognizable symbol is the scarab beetle, which is worth 750 credits when you collect five reels. Every combo is associated with a different payout, and the queen herself is the authority over all, the goddess who has the power to stand as a substitute for any symbol on the reels. However, Cleopatra cannot trump the sphinx when it comes to filling your pockets. As a scatter symbol, it cannot be replaced.

Play Cleopatra without registration:

At this point, you might be wondering how such an easy game has become such a beloved favorite amongst slot players, but this next secret is what keeps people coming back for more time with the queen. As the face of Egypt, the sphinx represents eternity and splendor, so it makes sense that it also stands for eternal bonuses when spotted on the reels. With just two sphinx symbols, you can spin for free and find out what the sands have hidden from you, unlike some slots that still require a minimum of three scatter bonuses. Three or more sphinx scatters will earn you 15 spins instead, giving you extra time to uncover the secrets of the ancient Egyptian queen. With the highest possible combination of wins, you have the potential to receive up to 180 spins! Just think what kind of mysteries you can delve into without spending a single gem!


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