Cash 300

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How to play Cash 300

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Game description:

Cash 300 is another representative of the noble family of 4-reeled slots originally produced by Bell Fruit Games. These simple machines would provide an additional source of entertainment to a great many British pubs for over a decade, and now, thanks to this game provider, authentic pub experience is available is available to any slot lover straight from the comfort of their home. The look of cartoonish cherries, grapes and lemons – let alone the BAR symbols – may well have some of you experience a rush of nostalgia. Quite possibly, this is exactly what the developers intended, recreating a classic game on a modern platform. Return to player: 95%.

Game start:

Unfortunately, you won’t hear the familiar sound of coins disappearing in the machine while placing your bet: all that clatter has given way to mouse clicks. Click on the little “+” and “-” buttons to increase or lower the amount you would like to spend on a single round. The slot has a total of 9 win lines, all of them fixed – just as you would expect from a classic fruit machine. The arrangement of the lines can be seen on the pictures directly below the reels. The bigger the bet, the more you can potentially win: the paytable will show you the value of each winning combination as per your current stake. When the bet is placed, it’s time to let the reels roll. You can do this by hitting the “Start” button – this will make them do a single spin – or by enabling the “Autoplay” function which will make them spin on their own. Note that there are two “Autoplay” options: one simply sets the reels in constant motion and the other stops them as soon as a win lands.


All the 9 win lines are always active by default, which means that your odds of hitting a win are always as high as they can be. Your ultimate goal, given that the total number of reels is 4, is to land 4 matching symbols along a win line in a row; however, in most cases 3 in a row are enough for a payout. In the case of 3-of-a-kind combinations it doesn’t matter whether they start from left to right or vice-versa – both directions count.


The “Cash 300” symbols don’t have any fixed value; instead, random mystery wins are awarded for those. To get a payout, it is enough to land 2 “Cash 300” symbols in a row. The exact values of such combinations change with every spin and are displayed on the little screens directly above the reels. Better yet: you can make a mystery win out of a regular one whenever you want – just choose between the flashing red and black card suits and get either twice the money, or nothing at all.


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