Burning Hot Sevens

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How to play Burning Hot Sevens

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Game Description:

Over the years, the number seven has gained a reputation for luck and good fortune. Its appearance in religious doctrine and numerology often comes with positive connotations of wealth, intelligence and holiness. As a result, Burning Hot Sevens is a popular option for people who enjoy online casino games. The reels are situated against a black background with classic symbols, such as fruits, stars and bar lines. If you are not familiar with video slot features, the straightforward three reel design is also a major plus. You can bet up to 2,000 credits across five active lines, but don’t let the simple setup deceive you. There are still plenty of opportunities to rake in rewards!

Game Start:

When you start the game, you will be prompted to enter a bet amount before spinning. Burning Hot Sevens requires a minimum bet of eight credits to get started, but keep in mind that a higher wager will reflect in your payout. For those who have a busy schedule, the autoplay feature can be activated so you can collect credits while working or performing household chores. At any point, you can also check the paytable from this main screen, a valuable resource if you are not sure how much to wager on the reels.


The paytable for Burning Hot Sevens is divided into three basic categories. Here you will find the pay amounts for each symbol, along with bonuses. At the top of the screen, full fruit reels show a double reward, and free games and scatter bonuses are listed in the middle. As the name suggests, the fiery sevens are the most lucrative symbol, and three matching digits is worth 64 credits. Three matching stars are worth 16 credits, while a line of bars earns six. You’re final winnings will be determined by your bet and the multiplier that corresponds with each combination.

Burning Hot Sevens Feature:

Despite the traditional game play of Burning Hot Sevens, there are several exciting features that can jumpstart your payroll in no time. If you flood the entire screen with one type of fruit, your payout will be doubled, but the real dough comes from the bonus scatters. These neon colored boxes are worth two credits, and you can also get up to 20 free spins. After all, what could be better than a free chance to earn bigger bonuses? Finally, the gamble feature tempts you to risk it all by guessing the color of a card. With some video slots, you must guess blindly, giving you a 50 percent chance of winning with a single card. Burning Hot Sevens allows you to guess the color of more than one card. The catch is that you must hit the mark if you plan to keep multiplying your bonus. As soon as you hit the wrong button, your streak will be over, and your credits will be gone. For many people, the additional pressure of deciding when to quit is a delicious rush of adrenaline, but others might prefer to err on the side of caution if the stakes are too high.

Return – to – player: 95.06%.


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